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How Is Social Anxiety A Lesson To Introverts?

Introverts suffer the most from social anxiety. But how is social anxiety a lesson to introverts? Let’s find out.

I remember a time when it was tough for me to interact with people. Not because I found stupids and idiots out there, but my own withdrawn and reserved nature made it difficult for me.

I have always been an introvert who never knew how to socialize. In other words, I was a complete recluse and asocial person who refrained from even meeting my loved ones, let alone close friends.

However, over the years, I have learned a lot about my state when I came across this term social anxiety. Yes, I belong to those people who suffer from social anxiety and are very nervous and uncomfortable around people.

I know it is very difficult to understand social situations. Moreover, social rules and regulations do not fit in with our core values.

But, recently, I learned something about social anxiety, turning out to be a lesson in our life. Initially, I was confused about the statement. However, I now know what it actually meant. 

Social anxiety depends on many factors that ultimately decide your significance in social situations. Also, it varies with every individual and does not affect everyone the same way. 

So, “How does social anxiety influence us?”

and, “How is social anxiety a lesson to introverts?”

Let’s find out.

How does social anxiety influence us?

Enough with my life experiences. 

Let us discuss how social anxiety influences us.

For instance, when you come face to face with a person who is very much gregarious and active with everyone around the room, it instantly triggers a deep-seated nervousness and timidness concerning its effects on your peace of mind.

A man suffering from social anxiety

Now, I am not partial, but when an introvert faces an extravert in a social setting, the former has to suffer through a lot of unwanted attention and interaction. I can’t even say how terrifying it is to encounter people who do nothing but overwhelm you with their incessant need to question your silence.

Social anxiety is a psychological condition where a person suffers from fear concerning social situations. It is easily curable through medicines and prescriptions. 

However, many people around the world still do not know what it means. For instance, here in India, social anxiety is a completely foreign subject to most people.

In fact, due to the high density of extroverts around, it is next to impossible to believe that social anxiety exists.

To them, it is a made-up thing with no relevance at all. As a result, nearly one million cases are recorded every year that suffer from social anxiety.

Hence, dealing with social anxiety is important to our health and well being.

So, let us talk about why social anxiety is bad for us.

Why is social anxiety bad for us?

Well, this is the most important question to discuss.

“Why is social anxiety bad for us? What are the possible reasons?”

In fact, the question should be, what is not bad about social anxiety.

Seriously, the introverted, withdrawn, and isolated nature is no good for a person, except if he is a ghost. There is nothing good about being so cut off from people just because you fear they would get to your nerves, right.

A girl learning a lesson from social anxiety
Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

I do not mean that introversion is a disorder or something, but one should always be in touch with society, even if it means facing people who do not want to interact with you.

Here are 3 reasons why is social anxiety bad for us.

1. It makes us over skeptical of people:

With great social anxiety comes skepticism in all forms.

When you are too anxious to meet new people out there, it becomes difficult to trust others and their good intentions. Even a small favor seems to be a trap to lure you out of your comfort zone.

Not many people can deal with it. Especially introverts. It feels very invasive and unprofessional to them to enter their inner world without their approval.

2. It destroys our relationship:

Social anxiety is harmful to relationships. A relationship is weak when one of the partners has this anxiety problem and refuses to interact with friends and family members.

Under such conditions, it becomes difficult to establish any kind of understanding between two individuals. Hence, it is not healthy at all to be socially anxious in relationships.

3. It simply creates an inferiority complex:

Now, social anxiety is still a category of anxiety in the end, right. Therefore, the effects of social anxiety are the same as anxiety, i.e., it imparts an inferiority complex that does not allow these people to face others.

It does not affect them actively, but inactively. They appear too shy and awkward to engage in any form of social interaction. Hence, they feel inferior to people who are good at it and seldom require anyone in their lives.

So, these were the three reasons why social anxiety is bad for us.

But, social anxiety is also a lesson to introverts that affects their life deeply, either for better or worse.

Now, let’s find out how is social anxiety a lesson for introverts.

How is social anxiety a lesson for introverts?

Social anxiety, a lesson for introverts?

“How does that work?”

Here, are 5 mindblowing reasons how is social anxiety a lesson for introverts.

Social anxiety

1. Teaches them to focus on overcoming fears and insecurities:

Fears and insecurities are a deal-breaker. There are many types of fear, such as fear of abandonment, where it is very difficult to accept the current circumstances of reliability and support.

However, social anxiety feeds on the fears and insecurities of a person to make him incapable to deal with the social circumstances. For introverts, it is the time when they realize that social anxiety amplifies fears and insecurities.

Hence, they actively engage in overcoming these fears and get out of this unhealthy social anxiety.

2. Motivates them to be socially adept:

If you are suffering from social anxiety, then one thing that you notice is the behavior change when you realize that being anxious all the time does no good to you.

Similarly, social situations are not easy to handle as they are too conforming, but when you are suffering from social anxiety, it becomes necessary to escape from the unhealthy loop of overthinking and analysis. 

In other words, it motivates us to be socially adept at handling tough situations.

3. Forces us to come out of our inferiority complex:

Our inferiority complex is the biggest hurdle in our lives. To be precise, it makes us a lot more sensitive and reserved concerning social matters. It can come off as a lack of confidence and decisiveness to people.

However, we cannot live with the inferiority complex every time. Therefore, we actively try to overcome it by engaging in all sorts of activities that prove our worth to people.

Hence, it forces us to come out of our inferiority complex.

4. Helps us regain our self-esteem and individuality:

Most people who suffer from social anxiety are highly individualistic and do not want to sacrifice it just to please other people. That way, it is harmful to their identity.

However, over time they realize that one can retain his individuality and self-esteem with a considerable amount of time, even in social conditions. They do not necessarily have to conform to everything society says or asks.

Hence, it helps us regain our self-esteem and individuality.

5. Teaches us to be more diplomatic:

Diplomacy is the ultimate requirement of society. One should know how to handle people and situations effectively to establish harmony and peace within society.

Now, introverts suffering from social anxiety may feel a lot more fake and manipulative concerning diplomacy, but their need to be in touch with society and overcoming social anxiety will always teach them to be more diplomatic in life.

Hence, diplomacy is necessary to overcome social anxiety.

5 mind-blowing ways how social anxiety is a lesson to introverts

Final Words:

To sum up, social anxiety is not good for our mental and emotional well being. There are a lot of reasons why social anxiety is bad for us. Besides, we cannot entirely cut out society from our lives as we are a part of it.

Nevertheless, social anxiety still teaches some valuable lessons to improve our lives for better interactions and engagements.

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