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6 Insightful Ways to Develop Strong Personality Traits

Strong personality trait of a man

Personality traits are too diverse and complex. It’s difficult to know and identify the stronger ones that help us in the long run. So, here are 6 insightful ways to develop strong personality traits.

We have many confusions and doubts about the way personality works. Many people don’t understand that they wouldn’t identify or read someone based on their personality traits.

A lot of times things go haywire and we confuse the personality traits with attitude and outlook. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that developing progressive personality traits is not everyone’s cup of tea 🙂

For instance, many people respect and fear the ones who assert their dominance in unhealthy ways. They might misunderstand them for someone of ideal personality when they are nothing but imposters.

Similarly, a man, no matter how calm and introverted he might seem, can be very intelligent, strategic, and an avid learner. However, all others would see is his meekness, submissiveness, and self-effacing nature.

“In fact, there are many double standards revolving around personality traits. Our society values them, even if they seem foolish. Maybe this is where we need to understand the difference between personality and its perception.”

But, the question is “How do we foster strong personality traits?”

It’s hard to refine our personality from scratch. Moreover, it takes years to understand and form the correct opinion on things that influence our personality. Not to mention the various experiences needed to do so.

Well, here we shall discuss 6 insightful ways to develop strong personality traits and what defines them.

What defines strong personality traits?

Personality traits are valuable and discriminating against someone based on them is irrelevant. Hence, I admit that every trait, no matter how insignificant it seems, still holds the same relevance as any other.

But let’s take a step back and think again about what actually makes a person worthy of most things in life? Why do some people easily find a way out of their troubles? Are some people naturally gifted at this?

Certainly not. Instead, they have something most people lack or ignore in their day-to-day lives. In other words, they have certain personality traits that help them climb the social ladder with ease. They develop them, utilize them and get what they want.

“The best part about personality is that it’s fluid. Even with all its complexity and diversity, it presents a very fascinating experience to the individual concerning his abilities to manipulate the environment according to his will.”

So, here are three things that define strong personality traits.

1. Strength of will and passion:

Will and passion are some of the most influential and respected seats of strength. Hence, a lot depends on an individual’s grasp over these two. Most stories of success and achievement clearly highlight the significance of will and passion.

Setting up a goal and religiously following it is the result of strong and defiant willpower that forces us to do unimaginable things. Combined with passion, it becomes a recipe for efficiency and productivity.

Strength of will and passion clearly defines the relevance of strong personality traits and help us push ourselves beyond limits.

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2. Force of patience and consistency:

Patience and consistency are the underrated traits of personality. I would even say that many people do not know what they could achieve with these two on their side. Sadly, patience is getting sidelined and consistency is doing no better.

But that doesn’t deny the fact that these are the important ingredients for achieving great things in life. Besides, they are the hardest to develop out of all traits. Not to mention, the energy and time it consumes to strengthen these two.

Hence, a great life is a product of not just will and passion but also patience and consistency that can turn the stacks in our favor.

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3. Beauty of confidence and conviction:

Confidence has always been the most attractive trait for many decades and we don’t see it changing anytime soon. While charisma and attraction are on the other spectrum, confidence comes with a good amount of conviction too.

Besides, confidence works well in both career and relationship prospects. Like patience and consistency, it requires a great deal of effort and belief to build confidence and inner conviction.

It is rightly called the beauty of personality, as it speaks volumes about our nature and character. Conviction adds a sparkling effect to an already mesmerizing sight 🙂

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So, here are 3 things that totally define strong personality traits.

Now, let’s discuss the previously mentioned 6 insightful ways to develop strong personality traits in the next section.

What are the insightful ways to develop strong personality traits?

Developing strong personality traits is a challenge for most. And, why not? Being the best we can be is certainly not easy when we are surrounded by many people trying to be ordinary or mediocre.

In the previous section, we discussed things that define strong personality traits. But nothing comes out of these traits because we believe it’s impossible to develop them. Hence, we aren’t motivated enough to push our limits. In conclusion, we have no idea how to develop strong personality traits.

However, there are many ways to understand why developing them seems so hard. You might as well try to follow just one of those three points discussed previously, and that would still need your commitment and dedication. It’s similar to sticking to a contract of a lifetime to refine your traits and become strong.

“Strengths are just the measure of your grasp over your abilities or traits or skills. Without your control or hold over them, they are seldom beneficial in day-to-day lives. They still need a lot of commitment and dedication to bring out your true individuality.”

So, here are 6 insightful ways to develop strong personality traits.

1. Think about what makes you different:

Now, there is a difference between trying to be different or unique and actually reflecting on your individuality. To realize what you have that separates you from the rest is the first step to building strong personality traits.

Also, it would be beneficial to study your own opinions and ideologies to get an idea of what truly drives or motivates you to the core. The road isn’t easy and you might end up confused and frustrated. But over time things start to make sense.

Some people try to separate themselves from others and think they are unique. While being different makes you unique, it doesn’t mean you are special 🙂

2. Work on your state of your mind:

I know it’s not a good way to say it but it serves the purpose. In other words, by the state of mind, I mean the mental stability required in tough situations. Again, as I said earlier, it isn’t easy to develop a good state of mind.

For instance, you might be the calmest person in the room in a normal situation. But what happens to your mental stability when you are in a tough one? Do you lose it, or just maintain your peace irrespective of the surroundings? Recall your memories and you will get your answer.

Maintaining a healthy state of mind is one of the toughest tasks and requires a hell of a lot of effort. However, things can get better over time with experience.

3. Pen down everything good and bad about you:

I didn’t journal. In fact, I never journaled at all since my childhood, and I regret it. It’s true, I never realized the benefits of keeping a journal or penning down my thoughts. Besides, I didn’t want to know myself due to my fears and insecurities.

So, this is something that comes from the depth of my heart. Please, pen down your thoughts and everything that you know about yourself. Write the good and bad about you and the way it influences your life.

It’s might seem like a simple thing due to it being a part of self-awareness until it’s not. Believe me, self-awareness is rare. Keep it safe and secure 🙂

4. Gain valuable experiences from random situations:

Random situations have a lot to teach us, especially when we are under exciting ones. On the other hand, experiences are one of the best ways to develop an understanding of yourself. Inexperience isn’t good in the long run.

But to gain experience we have to put ourselves voluntarily in challenging circumstances, where we are forced to face the reality. This helps in acting out our abilities and strong traits that would help us get through the obstacles.

The world isn’t in our stories and novels of bravery and heroism. It’s out there among the places where you work or desire to in the future.

5. Be decisive and take responsibility for your actions:

Responsible people gain respect and admiration for being selfless and dutiful in the need of the hour. Making good decisions is a mark of a strong and sensible person who takes responsibility for everything.

Thinking and working for society is valuable and requires a lot of sacrifice on our part. Decisiveness helps us work through our differences with others to take a holistic approach to solve complex issues. Responsibility is a sign of a decisive person sticking to his decisions.

Creating such a personality with good decision-making skills is something most people dream of. So, it is evident that it helps in building strong personality traits.

6. Lastly, don’t lose your faith in yourself:

I think this one is the most important out of all. Many people would successfully deal with life utilizing the above 5 points. However, this one proves to be the Achilles’ heel for them as having faith is difficult.

It is akin to confidence and self-belief but serves a much larger influence on our strength of character. Yes, the strength of character comes into play here. It works in the aftermath of a bad situation where we have to show what we are truly made of and prove ourselves.

Sounds cheesy, but works the best with determination. Going through episodes of depression doesn’t mean you have lost faith in yourself. Instead, it is the beginning of a beautiful journey to self-love.

Final Words:

To sum up, strong personality traits are far from what we see in movies and TV shows. They show the stereotypical traits that are believed to be strong but, in reality, are impractical. Strong personality traits are simply being the best version of ourselves we can be.

Some might find their spark sooner while others find it later. However, they do identify with their strengths once they assume control over themselves and work towards a better future.

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