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What Are The Ways To Overcome The Lack of Perseverance?

Most people out there lack perseverance in their lives. But what are the ways to overcome the lack of perseverance? How to focus on a single goal? Let’s find out.

I don’t know how you feel or think about it, but most of us have trouble deciding things beforehand. We are lost in the world of efficiency and motivation to even consider pausing for a moment and noticing things around us.

Likewise, I have experienced many situations in life where I was so immature and impatient with the time that I didn’t even care if someone was going to be hurt by my behavior.

Mostly, I think I have been a little too pushy and compulsive with my achievements due to the fear of losing them completely. Besides, working with a sound mind isn’t my strongest suit.

However, I needed an alternative. A solution to tackle my problems with ease, especially the lack of perseverance. I noticed a lack of perseverance in me and also in the people around me.

Perseverance helps in regaining our mental stability and consistency by focusing on things even in the worst times of our struggles. It also helps us get past things that may harm our development in the long run.

But, “Why do we lack perseverance?”

“What are the ways to overcome the lack of perseverance?”

Well, we are going to find out about the lack of perseverance in the next section. So, get ready to build the base for your perseverance from here on.

Why do we lack perseverance?

There are many reasons for people lacking perseverance. Some are common ones, while others depend on the individual himself. Now, if you ask me, I would say perseverance isn’t inherent, and one doesn’t attain it within a day.

A businesswoman who persevered to attain success.
Photo by Jeff Denlea from Pexels

It takes months and sometimes years of practice to control one’s impulsiveness under challenging situations. When the going gets harder, perseverance matters the most.

However, perseverance is often misunderstood for patience. Patience is a subcategory of perseverance. In other words, perseverance comprises of patience and consistency. So when someone perseveres, we say he is both patient and consistent.

So, here are 3 truths about why we lack perseverance.

1. We desire instant results without hard work:

People are so much obsessed with instant results that it becomes almost impossible to wait for the moment. The impatience makes us angry and frustrated with little to no room for consistency.

While it is important to get results as soon as possible, yet trying to beat yourself for not getting it instantly is not good either. We desire results too soon without hard work and expect others to persevere. 

Hence, we lack perseverance as we desire instant results without hard work.

2. We get discouraged too easily:

I think most people are not confident in themselves, and therefore, miss out on a lot of opportunities to move forward in life. Moreover, they get discouraged too easily when facing hardships in life.

For instance, during their worst times, many people do not see the improvements in life but focus on the things they have to go through. This eventually leads to a negative attitude and a lost cause at the same time.

Therefore, we lack perseverance because we get discouraged too easily.

3. We simply lack patience and consistency:

Ok, it’s obvious. 

The reason we lack perseverance is that we simply lack patience and consistency. As I discussed above, consistency and patience are important for developing good perseverance.

However, if we are too impulsive to wait for the right time, we are ultimately going to suffer. Moreover, it is also important to be consistent in your tough times.

Therefore, we lack perseverance simply because we lack patience and consistency.

So, here are 3 reasons why we lack perseverance.

But, “How to deal with it effectively?”

“What are the ways to overcome the lack of perseverance?”

Let’s find out about that in the next section.

What are the ways to overcome the lack of perseverance?

In the previous section, we discussed some key points about the lack of perseverance and how it can lead to complications in our lives. Besides, our tendency to give up easily also makes it impossible to develop it.

But, just by knowing the reasons, we can’t overcome the lack of it. There must be some pretty good ways to develop perseverance.

A young boy who values consistency and hard work.
Photo by Budgeron Bach from Pexels

But, “How can we do it?”

“What are the ways to overcome the lack of perseverance?”

Well, here are 7 mindblowing ways to overcome the lack of perseverance.

1. Have a firm goal in mind and go for it:

Perseverance is the key to achieving the success we desire. It helps us focus on a single goal or path that leads to our destination. It is not just simplifying things but acting on them that matters.

But if you lack a fixed and consistent goal then no one is going to help you achieve success. We must have a target or a goal in mind and practice regularly or consistently to go for it.

Hence, to develop perseverance one must have a firm goal in his mind and move forward in life.

2. Accept your failures and make them pillars for success:

There is an old saying, “Failures are the pillars of success.”

It is true in tough circumstances when we easily get discouraged due to failures in life. We do not think about how we can utilize our failures effectively and use them as pillars to achieve success.

But to do that, we have to accept our failures and focus on achieving success despite the difficulties and shortcomings. When we accept our inability to do something, we become even more capable to achieve it.

Therefore, accept your failures and make them pillars for success.

3. Develop mental and emotional resilience:

“Do you often feel that you are losing it?”

“Does it seem that your tough exterior is slowly losing its resilience?”

Then, you are not mentally and emotionally resilient to adversities. Most people are too sensitive to deal with the circumstances and get discouraged easily.

However, when you have good mental and emotional resilience, nothing can deter you from your path to achieving success. You can refer to my article about the ways to develop emotional resilience to understand how to attain perseverance.

Hence, developmental and emotional resilience if you want to overcome the lack of resilience.

4. Motivate yourself to achieve a little every day:

Whether intrinsic or extrinsic, motivation is vital for compensating for the lack of perseverance in life. The more demotivated you are, the more impatient and inconsistent you will be.

It is better to motivate ourselves every day through quotes, poems, or success stories of others and learn how to establish perseverance in our lives. That way you can try to find a silver lining in your tough times.

Therefore, motivate yourself to achieve a little every day to tackle the lack of perseverance.

5. Stop procrastinating every time:

“Do you procrastinate often?

“Do you also get lost in things you want to do but can’t do due to your laziness?”

Then, my friend, you procrastinate a lot. It would sound a bit harsh but by procrastinating you are just wasting your time and resources. To be honest, even I am procrastinating and not a single day goes by where I do not regret it. 

But recently, I learned a lot about tackling procrastination from my peers, and I can say that it has helped me deal with my vice of sloth. Hence, to overcome the lack of perseverance, stop procrastinating.

6. Lastly, develop consistency in your life:

Without consistency, there is no perseverance. Perseverance depends a lot on a regular working schedule at a consistent pace. Working in spontaneous bursts does not help in developing perseverance in the long run.

We have to be dedicated and determined enough to be ready to work consistently without excuses and focus on a single goal, a light beyond the tunnel.

Therefore, develop consistency in every aspect of life, and you can easily overcome the lack of perseverance.

Final Words:

To sum up, perseverance is not hard to develop if one is willing to work for it and overcome its deficiency. However, one must know that only developing patience is not going to lead him anywhere.

The ways mentioned above are effective enough to come in handy in our worst times of stress and will help us to persevere without demotivating or discouraging ourselves.

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