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5 Amazing Hacks To Regain Sight of True Potential

True potential

Human potential is the life force of humanity, except it’s hidden. So, let’s discuss 5 amazing hacks to regain sight of true potential.

A man who has succeeded by following the 5 amazing hacks to regain sight of true potential.
Image by Russell Clark from Pixabay

“Realize your true potential…..”

It is one of the most commonly used lines in movies and web series. It isn’t hard to imagine why we focus so much on embracing our true potential.

But as easy as it sounds, it is really hard for most people to realize their capabilities. It seems contradictory that even with a good amount of self-awareness and introspection, we are, most of the time, unable to figure out our true power, i.e., the power of the mind.

Some people are so incredibly charismatic that we can’t help but see their potential. We see it more than anything as we aspire to become like them.

However, we are so lost in the realm of reality that we fail to give any attention to what is inside us. The intense fire that burns starts fading away, and we are left wondering where we went wrong.

Realizing the true potential is our greatest gift. It might be our situations, circumstances, or even we stopping ourselves from achieving it. In fact, most of the time, it’s us who become the biggest hurdle to our progress.

Nothing surprising there, eh…

So, let’s take a look at why people disregard their true potential and 5 amazing hacks to regain sight of true potential.

You can also watch the video below to know about ways to regain sight of true potential:

5 amazing hacks to regain sight of true potential

Why people disregard their true potential?

“Is it just a coincidence or many people aren’t just aware of how special they are?”

I think there is a reason why our potential is hidden. In fact, it is better this way since no one gets perfect without self-respect and acceptance. One has to work hard to identify his strengths and weaknesses, let alone potential.

However, with each passing generation, it seems more and more people are losing touch with their motivations. The busy life has taken a toll on us, and we are increasingly losing opportunities due to others.

Fear of failure and humiliation are the reasons why many people are ignoring their true potential. Even those who know their potential are unwilling to take the first step towards becoming a better individual.

A lion's roar representing the strength of hard work and courage.
Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay

But, we need to know why most people disregard their true potential, right.

So, here are 3 basic reasons why they do so.

1. It takes too much hard work and resources:

Well, it’s not entirely true and might vary for different regions, especially for the third world countries, where having stable and secure life is a high priority. Hard work and resources both are important in the long run.

Most people disregard their potential for the sole reason that they might never gain access to these resources. Besides, even with a good amount of hard work, they might not make it due to a lack of guidance.

In conclusion, it takes too much to utilize resources when there is no one to support or guide you.

2. They aren’t interested in testing their limits:

This is also somewhat related to our first point. Limits are what we set up to stop ourselves from reaching our maximum potential. While pushing beyond them requires a good level of inspiration, most people do not test it.

In fact, we can also say that our generation is getting sophisticated and comfy with their easy and happy-go-lucky lives. Nothing inspires them anymore except hedonism. They watch all sorts of motivational content and yet are unable to get up from their bed.

If we do not test our limits, we do not fulfill our basic requirement of evolution, i.e., change. Also, pushing beyond limits is a great way to self-development.

3. They consider true potential a myth:

It’s good that most people are getting better with hands-on experience and are well aware of facts and pieces of evidence. The young generation, to a certain extent, is still oriented towards pragmatism.

However, their highly objective and practical nature has disregarded the subjective reality of potential and how beneficial it can be under the right conditions. One doesn’t have to compromise with his grounded nature to realize his potential.

So, assuming that the true potential is a myth is equal to saying there is no karma. While many people don’t believe in both, some do, and they get the best of both worlds.

These 3 reasons are insightful enough to give us a clear picture of why most people disregard their true potential.

But, how to regain the sight of the potential.

Let’s take a look at the 5 amazing hacks to regain sight of true potential.

How to regain sight of your true potential?

It’s easy to question ourselves when we have lost sight of our potential. In other words, if we don’t know what we are capable of, our efforts mean nothing. Therefore, one of the most important things is to identify who we are.

Normally, introspection is the best way to deal with this. Diving deep into the layers of one’s individuality opens a path to greater self-awareness and understanding. It is important to gain sight of our true potential even at the cost of our comfort and laxity.

It is necessary to go beyond our highest expectations and seek the things that motivate us the most, to actively work towards our goals. However, we inhibit ourselves in the fear that people would reject or mock us.

An animated character of a woman testing her limits.
Image by alan9187 from Pixabay

So, here are 5 amazing hacks on how to regain sight of true potential.

1. Find out core motivations and desires:

Our future is a result of our motivations and desires. They shape our attitude in life and provide us with wisdom and knowledge. Many successful people are well aware of their motivations and desires.

In other words, they are in touch with their own selves first before focusing on their efforts. It’s important to know what inspires or motivates us and how these things affect our life goals.

Most people possess the herd mentality that asks them to work for themselves. The purpose is to serve the community and work for the organization alone. By seeking the core motivations and desires, our path is direct and clear.

2. Work on pitfalls and limitations:

It is important to acknowledge our pitfalls and limitations if we want to regain sight of our true potential. For instance, procrastination is bad for us if we want to reach our true potential. Hence, diminish, or if possible, eliminate it from the path.

However, some traits can prove to be both strengths and weaknesses. For instance, spontaneity is both a good and bad trait depending on the situation. In such a case, if the situation demands patience or consistency, spontaneity can be exhausting and inefficient.

Therefore, to regain sight of our true potential, we must also focus on our pitfalls and limitations, no matter what.

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3. Keep testing the mental and physical limits:

Testing ourselves is necessary for overall growth and development. Besides, we have to be mentally and physically prepared to face anything that crosses our paths. However, it is not easy to push beyond limits.

The best way to test our limits is to acquire mental stability as much as possible. Here, one has to control his impulses to focus on the task at hand with greater efficiency and accuracy. It makes us more confident and assertive.

Testing our limits is vital to understand the limitations of our bodies. Only by pushing ourselves past the comfort zone can we regain sight of our true potential.

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4. Learn to accept healthy criticism:

“How shall we know about the inconsistencies in our actions?”

“How can we identify where we are going wrong?”

Criticism. Criticism is the way to prevent ourselves from treading the wrong path. But here is the thing, most people can’t accept criticism, not even the healthy one. I know because I am one of them and still have problems dealing with criticism.

Even then, we can’t deny the fact that criticism is one of the best ways to regain sight of our true potential. Whether it comes from others or ourselves, it is equally valuable and helps us grow in many ways unimaginable.

5. Lastly, will and grit are all that matters:

Finally, we are here with the most important aspect of self-development, the relevance of willpower and grit. Every person, at one point, struggles with confidence and self-esteem issues, which makes things worse in the long run.

Besides, it’s no joke to act on strong will and determination. Many people fall short of their potential for the sole reason that they didn’t try hard. Will and grit are the two things that matter the most when realizing our true potential.

Will and grit come from our strong faith in ourselves and our abilities. Without these two qualities, it is nearly impossible to regain sight of our true potential.

Final Words:

To sum up, our potential is nothing but our desire to succeed. When we realize that, we become unstoppable. There are no shortcuts for realizing our true potential. One has to learn it the hard way to make himself tough and strong.

Nevertheless, it is much better to work on ourselves than dream about it. At the end of the day, it is the hard work and results that would help us look beyond ourselves.

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