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Why Is Social Harmony The Need Of The Hour?

Establishing harmony is important in society. But why is social harmony the need of the hour? What could be the possible reasons? Let’s find out.

A happy family symbolizing social harmony
Photo by Askar Abayev from Pexels

You must have heard the old phrase, 

“United we stand, divided we fall.” 

I think this is the time where we have finally realized the limitations of our technological development. The pandemic has already taught us a lot more to deal with the issues that seemed nonexistent to humanity.

I am not going to rant about the effects of the pandemic in our lives because it is evident. However, one thing that we need to know is that it has taught us some valuable lessons regarding anxiety and depression.

We have never faced such terrible circumstances without any preparations before. Even though we worked as a society, for the most part, helping people and following rules, yet we still do not know how long the pandemic would last.

Along the lines, we learned some important lessons that were necessary for our best interests. I guess most of the readers would agree that working as a team helped us thrive in these challenging circumstances.

It is obvious. The social harmony we have achieved as a society is an incomparable strength against the coronavirus pandemic and has stood the test of time.

Hence, it is the most important thing as of now. It is difficult to believe but working as a community helped us solve many existential problems.

So, “How do we practice social harmony?”

“Why is social harmony the need of the hour?”

Let’s find out.

How do we practice social harmony:

That’s right. 

Social harmony is not something that you are born with. You have to practice it, apply it, and see the results for yourself.

Team of professionals practicing social harmony
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

When a person is too adamant to work with other people as a part of society, he also neglects the social harmony necessary to build a good network to support.

Social harmony is important to unite as a society for a particular cause. However, some ways can help you practice social harmony.

Here, are 3 ways to practice social harmony.

1. Be socially active:

I think this one is obvious.

To practice social harmony, we have to engage with society actively and take part in the decisions taken by the members of the community. We have to be more socially active to understand the needs of the people around and apply utilitarianism for the overall good.

This does not stop here, as we have to make suitable changes in our ways and make peace with the ways of society.

2. Sympathize with others in society:

One of the most important ways is to sympathize with people’s feelings and conditions. In fact, sympathizing with people is a good sign of a protagonist. Moreover, it also helps us to be compassionate and altruistic to listen to people’s problems.

However, too much sympathy can turn out to be manipulative and fake. In other words, it might come off as false empathy.

Therefore, we must sympathize with the conditions of others to practice social harmony.

3. By accepting differences among society members:

Society is unpredictable. Some have certain viewpoints and ideas, while others have different ones. Moreover, it is not easy to accept the differences in the group. 

For the most part, the differences among society members exist due to opposing opinions on a subject. If social harmony is important, then we should be more accepting and easy-going with internal truffles.

Hence, we must accept the differences among society members and please them collectively.

So, we have discussed the reasons for practicing social harmony. But, what is the need for social harmony? Let’s find out.

Why is social harmony the need of the hour?

Social harmony is the need of the hour. There is nothing to deny in it. We need to make peace with each other if we want to live in a close-knit community.

The recent circumstances have forced us to harmonize with people in every way possible. Not only have we learned to support each other through thick and thin, but also helped provide ample resources and measures to make sure our society remains intact.

A group of friends practicing social harmony
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

But, “Why is social harmony the need of the hour? Why is it so relevant today?”

So, here are 7 reasons why is social harmony the need of the hour.

1. Humanity is facing its toughest times:

No matter what you say, humanity is facing its toughest times. The current situation is far worse than we thought. In fact, most people were not even prepared for things to change so soon.

However, amid these situations, it is important to maintain a strong face and unite together as a society, working together in collaboration and bringing out the best we can from the available resources.

Hence, humanity needs to live in social harmony to make way towards a brighter future.

2. Harmony is the only way to a brighter future:

The pandemic has taught us a lot about our limitations. We are still nothing but the pawns of natural disasters and diseases. Likewise, we might never know what we are going to face in the coming years.

Besides, health concerns are more important than they have ever been. But, fighting and quarreling over it is not going to solve anything. We have to make peace with each other to survive these bad times. Besides, nothing can guarantee our safety except for our own decisions.

Live together and face it, or suffer alone and perish.

3. We were never safe and sound:

Humanity has always been under a dream of living in a safe and sound world where nothing can penetrate their protective artificial shells. But times have changed, and we are facing the wrath of the natural forces.

There are floods, earthquakes, and diseases all around, and we are mostly helpless against them. Most importantly, this year has been a nightmare with countless adversities to face. 

Hence, establishing peace and harmony in society is more important now than it has ever been.

4. We have been too self-absorbed:

That’s right.

For a long period of time, we have been too self-absorbed to even consider helping people out of need and working together as a community. The growing need to focus on self-development has its own disadvantages. 

Besides, our self-absorption has made us almost impractical and incapable to deal with social harmony. Hence, we have to rise past self-absorption to establish peace in social matters.

5. Inner harmony seems more important to us:

I think this is something that even I have experienced a lot in the early stages of life. Inner harmony was more important to me than social peace. Now, this does not mean that one shouldn’t maintain inner peace. But focusing only on achieving it doesn’t do any good to us.

Social harmony has its own significance that can’t be neglected or ignored. Inner harmony isn’t going to help us survive, but a social one can. Therefore, social harmony is the need of the hour.

6. We have been careless and irresponsible with our relations:

Ten to twenty years back from now, we were more grounded and connected to people around us and formed strong relations with them. The importance of family, friends, and relations was unrivaled by anything else.

However, in these recent years, we have been very careless and irresponsible with our relations. For instance, the drastic rise in the cases of abandonment, infidelity, and treachery at an alarming rate is deeply concerning.

As a result, we have been unsuccessful in the recent years to form strong relationships.

7. Our survival depends on it:

Last but not least.

It is a matter of our survival that ultimately motivates us to rise beyond the constraints of self and engage in social norms. Most importantly, it was due to the community that we survived the long years of evolution.

So, neglecting this important fact doesn’t make sense, right. Our needs, desires, and ambitions everything depends on our survival. Without it, we would have never survived until now.

Hence, our need to survive will always inspire us to establish and maintain social harmony.

7 eye-opening reasons why is social harmony the need of the hour.

Final Words:

To sum up, individuality is important and has helped us achieve many things important to us. But society has its own significance, and it isn’t wise to ignore the need to establish social harmony.

The above-mentioned reasons are enough to make us realize why we need social harmony to keep progressing and moving beyond human limitations.

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