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What Is The Significance of Living a Lie?

Do we always need to discover the truth, or realize the significance of living a lie? Let’s find out.

What is the significance of living a lie?
Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

Life is a great teacher and guide. It teaches us many valuable and unique lessons that help us discover our place in the world. Besides, it also makes us independent and strong to deal with multiple adversities.

Our reality is the best source of inspiration that helps us identify the inconsistencies present in the world. Most importantly, we gain experiences from our exploration and perception.

However, we do not realize the significance of living a false reality. We are so obsessed with the truth that we forget to consider the imperfection in it. The fact is our truth is so simple and limited that we cannot perceive anything beyond it.

That’s right.

The ultimate realization comes when we try to see what isn’t visible to everyone. In other words, routing for the things that are impractical but necessary for our evolution.

But, devoting your life to experience something that does not exist isn’t practical. It isn’t going to help us with our survival.

So, let’s find out what is the significance of living a lie.

What does ‘living a lie’ mean?

Yes, living a lie.

That is the question we need to address when we are discussing the significance of lie. So, we will understand it with the help of an example.

For instance, a bankrupt individual, who had a lot of money with him at one time, leads a poor and miserable life. He has nowhere to go, less to eat and is barely able to make his ends meet.

Now, he is quite frustrated about his condition and wants a permanent solution for it. Therefore, he decides to paint for a living. However, he still doubts his decision and sees no future in his painting career. He is working hard, but his hard work isn’t paying off. 

Though he decides to be consistent with his efforts and is willing to use everything he needs to establish himself as a successful painter. Finally, people begin to notice him, and he sells many of his paintings at a decent price. Now, he isn’t bankrupt anymore and lives a lavish lifestyle once again.

A painter painting a picture.
Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

So, in the above example, we learned how the fate of a person changed when he worked hard towards an ambition. 

But, hard work wasn’t the only thing he did. He also believed that he could do it. There was a hope, a ray of light in his life. He believed in something that did not exist. 

He was following a lie to motivate himself. However, that lie was enough to motivate him to become the person he wanted to be. This is called living a lie.

Now, let us discuss what is the significance of living a lie.

What is the significance of living a lie?

In the previous section, we discussed the meaning of living a lie. Now, let us understand the significance of living it.

As we know, a lie motivates us to achieve wonders. Believing in the dream or idealistic world, having an optimistic attitude, and looking for the best in everyone are some of the lies we tell every day to ourselves and the ones we know and love.

But, the truth can also motivate us, right. Besides, following the truth is necessary to be truthful to ourselves.

Truth is important to make sense of our situations. It also helps us realize the practicality. However, it only sees what it wants to see.

Our truth is sadly very concrete in terms of the perception that witnesses the inevitable part of the story. Moreover, it emphasizes a tunnel-vision, which is like adopting a polar view of things.

The tree alley representing the true aspects of life.
Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Lie, on the other hand, is very abstract. It doesn’t only see what it wants to see but helps us look for things that might excite us, inspire us, and guide us to a different reality. In other words, believing in lie helps us achieve things, unlike truth, which remains stagnant.

Let us consider the difference from a unique point of view.

The perspective of truth and lie:

Our lives depend on both truth and lie. However, the way they influence us is strikingly different. In other words, we do not use them in the same way to perceive things around us.

For instance, we are both emotional and logical creatures. We use emotions and logic in different circumstances. But, if you notice, you will realize that logic only considers facts and does not consider the literal theories behind it. It tends to believe what makes sense to it but doesn’t go beyond that. 

The robot is the best example of an unparalleled logical analysis. It does everything under the constraints of logic and nothing beyond that. Moreover, it looks at the data and facts to make sense of things. When something doesn’t make sense, it dismisses it.

On the other hand, our emotions tend to look at the things that motivate us, inspire us, and helps us move forward. The willpower, determination, hope, love, and anger all these help us to be the best version of ourselves. Besides, it also considers facts and data at face value.

Hence, our logic is like truth, which is focused on practical life and limits itself with it, while our emotions are like a lie, which is focused on perceiving beyond reality.

4 Facts About The Significance Of Living A Lie

Final Words:

To sum up, we live both with truth and a lie. The truth helps us see reality while the lie helps us rise beyond it.

It is, by no means, necessary to discard the truth and must be valued as equally as a lie. However, we must realize the significance of living a lie and balance it with our truth.

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