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What Is the Truth About Perception and Exploration?

What do we need to know about perception and exploration? Let’s find out.

the eye representing perception and exploration
Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels

Perception and exploration are two significant aspects of practical observation. They help us tackle many misunderstood and misrepresented things in life.

Besides, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they influence our visions and dreams. Moreover, they change with time as we mature.

However, the idea behind their relationship, and the way they affect our observations is unknown. As a result, there might be something we need to know about perception and exploration.

It came to my mind when I linked some patterns behind that are related to each other. Most importantly, they are also related to an ability, which I shall discuss later in this article.

So, “What do our perception and exploration signify?”

“Is it just a coincidence that both affect each other, or there is something else under the radar?”

To start with it, I would like to discuss the roots of perception and exploration. So, let us find out what they are.

What are the sources of perception and exploration?

Yes, the sources.

It is easy to assume that they are a result of our curious and observant nature. Besides, we aren’t aware of the phenomena behind the scenes.

So, let us discuss the sources of perception first.

1. Sources of perception:

So, “What is perception?”

The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses is called perception.

In other words, it is the awareness of practicality through our senses. However, we can gain knowledge about different practical situations that are related to each other. Moreover, we can also identify patterns or points that might lead us to a destination.

the path of perception
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Hence, the source of perception is nothing but the patterns within our observations. The way they show us the reality, the way we assume it to be.

Therefore, our perceptions about reality may be valid now, but refutable later. Consequently, it brings us to the conclusion that our perception influences sights and visions.

Now, let’s discuss the source of exploration and its applications.

2. Sources of exploration:

So, “ What is exploration?”

The action of becoming aware or learning about an unfamiliar area is called exploration.

Therefore, it is the act of seeking the unknown. However, unfamiliar areas can be both practical and imaginary. Besides, we have also gained awareness about abstract parts of life.

a woman walking a path to explore
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

As a result, the same patterns or points that we notice in perception are also observed in exploration. But, the way we process them varies significantly.

Most importantly, when we explore an entity, we process it inside to gain knowledge about it. That is how we understand the unknown. Moreover, it brings us to the conclusion that our exploration influences our creativity and novelty.

But, it does not imply that they are related, right?

So, “How are they related? And how do we understand their relation?”

We will discuss that later, but first, we need to understand the purpose of perception and exploration.

What is the purpose of perception and exploration?

1. The purpose of perception:

In the above sections, we discussed in detail the meaning and significance of perception and exploration. Hence, in this section, we will discuss how both of them are related.

(However, before diving into it, its time to reveal the entity which I mentioned in the first section. The ability is intuition. Further, our perception arises from our learned intuitive process. Besides, we also need intuition to help us examine the unknown. So, let’s begin with the topic now.)

Perception is becoming aware of something, right. It means that this is an internal process that works with the help of an external source. Besides, our conclusions concerning perception change every time we come across new information.

However, one thing is for sure that it is an internal process, meaning it goes deep into the subconscious mind. Hence, the depth associated with it is deep intuition. We call it intuition because it goes deep into our learned intuitive process to find patterns between observations.

The deep sea representing deep intuition
Photo by Elianne Dipp from Pexels

This intuitive process initiates the analysis of observations that help us in absorbing them. Everything goes behind the conscious mind, and conclusions depend on self.

So, we got an idea of perception as deep intuition and how it can help in perceiving things around us.

Now, let’s discuss exploration and its relation with intuition.

2. The purpose of exploration:

Exploration is becoming aware of something unfamiliar or unknown. Besides, it is the manifestation of things that need to be discovered or invented. In other words, it is the powerhouse of the novelty.

However, novelty isn’t possible without external intervention as our inner self is static. Hence, we need inspiration for the novelty from the sensory sources. As a result, the more sources we have, the more inspiration we seek from it. Therefore, this intuition is broad intuition.

a woman sitting on a cliff representing exploration
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

We call intuition because similar to perception, it employs an intuitive process. However, not internally but externally, thereby looking for patterns in the external source.

Hence, it is very analytical and contemplative concerning the external environment. Now, we have discussed the purpose of exploration and perception. So, let’s find out how they are related.

What is the relation between perception and exploration?

To identify the relation between perception and exploration, we need to know about the similarities between deep and broad intuition.

So, as we discussed earlier, deep intuition is the intuitive process that occurs in the subconscious, and broad intuition is the intuitive process that occurs in the conscious.

However, what if we say that both of them can notice patterns within each other. In other words, they identify patterns in each other too.

But, “How is this possible?”

“How can they notice patterns when they are two different processes?”

To answer it, we need to take the help of an example.

For instance, when we observe things in our environment, we see the activities going on around us. Subsequently, we notice patterns between these activities and draw a relation between them. It is our broad intuition into action.

Now, after establishing a relation between them, we analyze them deep in our subconscious mind. Moreover, we try to understand it and predict the outcome of such activities. It is our deep intuition into action and the cycle goes on.

a magnifying glass representing perception and exploration
Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

Likewise, our perception and exploration are connected. Therefore, without exploration, there is no perception, and without perception, we cannot understand the unknown.

But, if they are related to each other, then how is this relationship going to benefit us?

“What is the result of deep and broad intuition?”

So, let’s discuss it in our last section.

What is the result of a deep and broad intuition?

Honestly, I didn’t want to include this section because I was unsure of it. However, I noticed the tagline of my logo, Ideas Within Insights, which inspired me to go on with this section.

4 ways perception and exploration are related to each other.

So, deep intuition helps us in analyzing relations and patterns, and in turn, provides us with insights. As a result, it provides us with the knowledge and awareness about many relationships. Besides, it also helps us in predicting outcomes.

Talking about broad intuition, it helps us in establishing relations between things, in a creative and novel way. In other words, it provides us with ideas. Besides, it also helps us in discovering multiple possibilities.

Final Words:

To sum up, perception and exploration have a lot to offer to human observation. Besides, the significance of deep and broad intuition is evident with the results of ideas and insights.

However, we may never know what is the reality behind perception and exploration. Nevertheless, we seldom believe in limiting ourselves and in the coming years, we shall ultimately find our answers.

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