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Is It Better To Be Ignorant Sometimes In Life?

Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance comes with a lack of wisdom. But is it better to be ignorant sometimes in life? What does that even mean? Let’s find out.

Is it better to be ignorant sometimes in life? Example of a woman with leaf.
Image by Florin Radu from Pixabay

You might know about the stereotypical ignorance. The one where a person intentionally neglects a person and doesn’t interact with him. Many people do it, and even I have done it many times.

But today, we are going to discuss a different type of ignorance that is in no way close to what we do in our daily lives. This type of ignorance is different. However, neglect still matters to a certain extent.

“Have you ever heard about the ignorance of knowledge or ideas?”

To be honest, there is a lot of ignorance that most people aren’t aware of, especially when people are too busy seeking different things in life. Humanity’s never-ending search for a path leads them to their doom.

Maybe it’s high time we value the significance of ignorance in our lives. Now, I know most things might not make sense at all. Why would someone want to ignore things in life? How does that benefit us?

Well, ignorance is not always bad. It can also benefit us if we try to understand its nature. Besides, with the ever-seeking nature of humanity, ignorance creates an ultimate balance to the fundamental matters of life.

So, “Is it better to be ignorant sometimes in life?”

Let’s find out in the next section.

What Are The Three Truths About Ignorance?

The process of ignoring a person is different from that of experiences. Yes, experiences. Many naive individuals who want to understand everything around them have this never-ending desire to seek knowledge.

But, the interesting thing here is that gaining enough knowledge leads to extreme forms of confusion and skepticism. It is when a person understands that trying to know everything has its limitations.

Ignorance has so many truths about it that they choose to ignore. An individual who knows almost everything realizes at some point that ignoring some things is an inevitable truth of life.

So, here are 3 truths about ignorance that we need to know.

1. Ignorance is a way to focus on the real world:

Let’s be honest.

The fundamental reality of life is that one needs to have good food, shelter, and clothing to survive. Nothing more or less than that is required to survive. In other words, most people do not want anything beyond their physiological needs.

Ignorance is a way to understand how to accept reality as it is and not be influenced by the detrimental effects of gaining experience and knowledge. Ignorance helps us live a life that is eat-sleep-repeat.

Therefore, if you want to focus on the real world, then practice the art of ignorance.

2. Ignorance is a tool that can result in bad and good consequences:

If knowledge and experiences are tools to accomplish greater things in life, then ignorance is also a tool that can be used for both bad and good consequences.

Now, we know the bad consequences of ignorance can lead to utter blindness to important things. However, when you consider the limitations of both knowledge and experiences in overanalyzing things, it is then that you realize the good consequences of it.

So, ignorance is a tool that can be used for one’s benefit even when nothing makes absolute sense in life. In other words, why stress yourself for things that bring confusion in life?

3. Ignorance has been practiced by some of the wisest people in history:

Whether in abstract or practical life, ignorance has always been practiced by many people with high wisdom. The question is, why would some of the wisest people practice ignorance?

We shall answer this question in the next section of the article, where we shall discuss the significance of ignorance in life elaborately. It is a fundamental truth that the wiser you become, the more you learn to live with the benefits of living an ignorant life.

Hence, ignorance is not only important for commoners, but it has also been important to several philosophers and philanthropists in history.

So, we have discussed the three truths of living an ignorant life.

But, “Is it better to be ignorant sometimes in life?”

Let’s find out.

Is it better to be ignorant sometimes in life?

“Why should we be ignorant?”

“How does it help us in life?”

These are some of the questions most of you might be having in your mind. Of course, no one in his right sense is willing to be ignorant. But, I guess the real deal is we should be ignorant only sometimes when it is necessary.

A young man who feels ignorance is the best way to deal with things.
Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

For instance, you are excited to do many things that might stimulate your wildest senses and help you explore life beyond your expectations and imaginations. But you still do not know what those things can bring to you.

So, here are 6 powerful reasons why it is better to be ignorant sometimes in life.

1. Ignorance can help you to be more stable in life:

“Can we attain stability by being ignorant of life?”

It doesn’t seem possible at the first sight, right?

However, it is. Ignorance is a very subjective aspect of human behavior and deals with the things that might be disliked or neglected by us. Ignorance keeps a person away from any kind of stimulation or hedonistic pleasures and makes him neutral or calm and stable.

Likewise, stability is also an important thing that one achieves after attaining inner peace in life. Now, if you do not experience anything, then ultimately, you are going to be stable.

One must remember though that ignorance should only be practiced sometimes and not always.

2. Ignorance can also prevent you from bad and negative experiences:

Experiences are important, but no one wants to experience bad and negative things in life. Especially when they are detrimental to your mental and emotional stability. 

For instance, you might be drawn to experiences that can bring pain and suffering with them. While those have their importance, many just make us delusional and cynical in the long run.

If you want to prevent yourself from bad and negative experiences, then ignorance can beneficial to you.

3. Ignorance makes you understand things as they are:

I think this is one of the best things about ignorance. When a person is too busy gaining knowledge and experience, he sees things from another perspective, which might not be true in certain cases.

It is vital to understand things as they are and not have a false perspective on them. Ignorance helps us see things as they are. The lack of knowledge and experience helps in simply identifying things with their fundamentals rather than diving deep into searching for the unknown.

Reading between the lines is interesting but might not be the best solution. Ignorance can help you come out of it.

4. Ignorance doesn’t bother you with irrelevant things:

Let’s be honest.

With knowledge and wisdom, you can also learn irrelevant things. Now, these things might not benefit people in the long run. Moreover, knowing about irrelevant things goes against practicality.

This is one of the reasons why ignorance doesn’t bother you with irrelevant things. It helps you to focus on things that can bring fruition to life. If you want to focus on relevant things, then practice ignorance.

5. Ignorance has no regard for possibilities:

Possibilities help us discover many things in life that might change our views towards many things all at once. But realizing too many of them and keeping ourselves engaged will never help us in any way.

An ignorant person has no regard for possibilities and considers them as just another reason to waste time on impractical ideas. In other words, he is less likely to spend time on fruitless ideas and will focus more on reducing them as much as possible.

Possibilities might have many advantages, but when it comes to overanalyzing things, ignorance acts as a resistance to it.

6. Lastly, ignorance acts as a backup to wise people:

Look, everyone can be wise and smart in anything they desire to learn. What I am talking about is the wisdom of life. Often, when a person is too stressed due to contradictory things around him, ignorance helps him to deal with it by just avoidance.

It might not seem good, but having ignorance as a backup can help people attain wisdom without confusing or negatively influencing them in their pursuit of knowledge.

If there is anything that can help you achieve wisdom, it is to realize when to ignore certain things and under what circumstances. Humans have a lot to learn, but they can’t do it all at once. So, it is essential to practice ignorance.

Final Words:

To sum up, ignorance might not be conventionally accepted by people due to its aversion toward things significant to us. But it can also help us in maintaining ourselves in tough times.

Self-preservation is the most important thing, and for the above powerful reasons, ignorance helps us to achieve it.

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