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Do you feel confused, aimless, and lack a direction in life? Then, here is how you can ace life with an exploratory personality. Let’s dive in.

If you are among those who think life is a chest of ideas to unravel a world of gazillion possibilities, you aren’t alone in your journey dear! A good life always brings some important lessons that lay the foundation of your perspective. When I was learning and understanding the world around me, I wasn’t very keen on limiting myself to just a single possibility or sticking to a ‘tunnel mindset’…

Throughout our childhood, we are taught that most good ideas come in the moments of inspiration. Moments that not just represent your past and influence your present, but also shape your future. But it can be hard to grab these as our reality is becoming a daily struggle, and that too for autonomy and control.

It’s obvious to feel ‘mundanely-challenged’ when you don’t see any value in showcasing your talents to the world. Besides, you learn early in life that expressing individuality is not everyone’s cup of tea after all.

However, you can change this if you decide to reclaim the reigns of your fate and forge a unique destiny for your future…

Sorry, just went a little too dramatic there!

If you still aren’t sure what I mean, then let us play a game… A game of ways to ace life with an exploratory personality. Let’s begin.

How Your Exploratory Personality Can Lead You Astray in Life?

Okay, if I ask you about the reasons why you feel so troubled with your exploratory personality, you will feel overwhelmed with myriad possibilities stressing you out. And why wouldn’t you?

Feeling overwhelmed is the result of these untamed ideas that reveal our hidden insecurities. We hide them to fit in with others and feel a sense of belonging. And that is why it’s important to discuss why our exploratory personality often leads us astray.

But one questions bothers us a lot, “why aren’t we able to redirect it to improve our lives?” It’s because we are engulfed in the smoke of confusion and desperation. If you want to get out of it and lead a quality life, you have to confront your fears and insecurities.

That said, here are 5 reasons why an exploratory personality can lead you astray.

1. Unbridled Impulsivity

Most explorers (people with exploratory personalities) are confused whether impulsivity is a boon or a bane. Where impulsiveness can make you quick-witted and action-oriented, it can also be a roadblock to success where a well-thought-out approach is more feasible. If you feel too impulsive to take action, you may feel unsupported in a corporate setting, where everything works according to a code or structure.

As a result, you end up confused and disheartened more often in life. Besides, impulsiveness can lead you astray and, hence, doesn’t always help you ace life with an exploratory personality.

2. Pointless Expectations

Are you often called unrealistic or impractical by people around you, even by your loved ones? This is a typical problem with explorers who seek something to spice up their lives, only to feel isolated as others can’t hold up to their standards. Besides, it’s hard to compromise when you feel you deserve more to explore, right dear!

But having high expectations is pointless when you ignore the practical constraints as well as the consequences of your actions. If you base your life on expectations, you will never ace life with an exploratory personality and may always feel aimless and astray.

3. Delusional Loneliness

Being alone and feeling lonely are two separate things. You can be the most explorative in your endeavours and still cherish your alone time. However, loneliness kills an explorer steadily and steals the essence of imagination and wonder, ultimately leaving you with nothing but frustration and emptiness.

And what good is an explorer without his ability to explore, right? Reliving your past and recalling good and memorable stuff doesn’t help either. That’s why, to make the most of your exploratory mind, you have to stop feeling lonely before it’s too late!

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4. Restrictive Reality

I have criticized reality a million times in almost all the articles I have written so far! But that doesn’t change its influence on our vibrant yet delicate minds. In fact, the more hierarchical the society is, the more challenging it is to bring our talents and gifts forth.

Coming from one such country, it is sometimes difficult for me to take a step against hierarchy too. And that’s why, I understand why our exploration goes awry and astray. However, suppressing yourself with this version of reality doesn’t help you ace life with an exploratory personality, does it?

5. Exhaustive Resources

If you want to make a mark or change things around you, gather the necessary resources. But, there’s a problem! Resources are expendable and their utilization is subject to the people using them.

As a result, with fewer resources at our disposal, we feel limited and bogged down already. Moreover, most careers requiring exploration and creativity don’t pay much and are quite unreliable.

It gets worse if you belong to a region brimming with cut-throat competition for creative jobs. Exhaustive resources can also discourage many and lead them into the fell forests of pessimism, ultimately killing their desire to ace life with an exploratory personality.

Wow… this journey has been quite overwhelming so far, isn’t it? It’s like a pity party thrown to share our troubles. Don’t worry, I won’t make it a therapy session. Besides, who is paying me for providing therapy anyway!

Now, that we know what the problem is, let’s focus on providing the best solutions for our problems and become the prince and princesses of our own worlds.

Just kidding!

Let’s pave a path for self-healing together and bring out the best in us.

What are the Ways to Ace Life With an Exploratory Personality?

Contrary to what we believe, our life goals aren’t tangential at all. That is what I realized when I went out there seeking something that only a kid could desire for. I was trying to find my place in this game called ‘practicality’ and trying to seek internal (or if possible) external guidance, only to feel mentally stressed and fatigued.

But when I did find my way after so many challenges, I realized my mistake that I wasn’t taking risks at all. I was playing it safe. Most of us are trapped in this ‘analysis-paralysis’.

“Rather than coming up with a million ways out, we convince ourselves with a million reasons to stay. That’s why, it is important to act on your thoughts and make a mark for your own good.”

With this incredible insight at our disposal, let’s discuss the ways to ace life with an exploratory personality.

1. Inspire the Traveller Inside You

Oh my! Where do I start? Travelling is one of the most amazing things to do in life. Sometimes I really wonder what would life be like without travelling! If you really feel confused and don’t know where to begin, choose this simple yet impactful way to explore. But travelling to what place exactly? Well, who said it has to be a place, dear?

Travelling to the various realms of ideas to pen them down or craft them out is another way to inspire the traveller inside you. You know you are uninhibited, right? But you have to prove this to yourself by seeking inspiration and getting over the maligning self-pity pulling you down all the time. And what helps you do it again? Travelling, dear!

2. Connect with the kindred spirits

An exploratory personality like you may often relate to this quote below,

“I can’t be alone. There must be others like me, who think and feel similarly…”

I know I did!

And that is when I stepped out with all my ‘wishy-washy courageous heart’ to find them. Even though it was difficult with my crippling social anxiety, I ultimately bumped into them. Since then, I have never looked back.

And believe me dear! Life may or may not give you a hug, but it will appreciate you through those kindred spirits. You will meet such people often in your life. And when you do, don’t hold back.

Share your experiences and express yourself. Who knows, maybe the other person relates to you and together you can ace life with exploratory personalities!

3. Seek lessons from sweet and bitter experiences

Lessons, lessons, and lessons! No matter how much I stress this, I can neither fathom nor deny its importance in our lives (particularly as explorers). I used to find lessons boring and over-represented during my teenage years, until life decided to hit me with a series of accidents and teach me a vital fact. The fact that I am nothing without lessons, and so are you dear…!

That’s why it is suggested to always face life with confidence, determination and most importantly, being humble with the outcomes. Whether a sweet or bitter one, a lesson always teaches you to balance your mindset in harsh times. Besides, we are explorers who look out for uncertainty in tough situations, so let’s just keep it that way!

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4. Grow a thick skin towards destructive criticism

Hmm… I have been thinking about this a lot lately and finally realized what we explorers lack in our mysterious lives! Most of us (if not all) lack healthy boundaries to ace life with an exploratory personality. After all, our exploration requires us to know other people’s opinions, which often isn’t for our own good. In other words, being an explorer comes with its pitfalls.

People can be jealous and envious of your traits and may not suggest you the best course of action. Rather they may want to see you sad and unhappy to soothe their insecurities.

This is where you have to understand and draw a line. You must recognize the difference between constructive and destructive criticism so others don’t trample your dreams. And you can do so by growing a thick skin towards them. Once you learn to set boundaries and stick to your goals, nothing can beat you, honey!

5. Spare the cute little cat with your curiosity!

“Ah, if only I was curious enough to get out there, things would have been different…” These were my thoughts when I was out of touch with my curiosity during some of the challenging circumstances.

Coming from a region that strictly enforces conformity and structure, it was always difficult for me to be curious about everything and ace life with an exploratory personality.

But I didn’t want to live and act like a robot. That’s when I decided to use it responsibly for my own good. If curiosity kills the cat, then I better learn when and how to channelize my curiosity. If you understand what I am talking about, it’s time to reignite the flames of curiosity and be reborn like the true phoenix you are meant to be!

Uphold Your Sense of Wonder and Amazement!

You will often feel uniquely flawed and overlooked due to your explorative mindset. In fact, you will be riddled with various doubts almost every hour of the day. These doubts will force you to adopt a pessimistic outlook.

But remember that challenges are a part of your journey and overcoming them with your inner strength is the most satisfying thing in life.

Besides, what kind of explorer evades the obstacles in his journey? We may not be the knights with brute strength but we always save the day with our deviously smart hacks to slay a dragon! So go ahead and ace life with an exploratory personality.

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