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Does Attaining Inner Peace Still Matters to People?

A peaceful monk

We talk about having inner peace and tranquility to lead a good and blissful life. But, do we want that? Does attaining inner peace still matters to people? Let’s find out.

Harmony and peace are two of the most important things that determine a person’s ability to manage his fear, anger, and hatred. It’s no surprise that many people struggle to maintain peace and harmony in their lives. I guess that is the reason why most people do not care about it anymore.

A few months ago, I came across a person during my training program at one of the reputed industries. He seemed quite confident and assertive. To be honest, I thought he would be hired as an intern without much interrogation. But things turned out to be much different than I expected.

After his interview, he came out of the room and seemed a little off and misunderstood. He looked tensed and depressed too. When one of the applicants asked him about his interview, he yelled at him and asked him to leave him alone.

As always, I wasn’t hired for the internship. Well, it’s more of a habit now, I guess. But I couldn’t stop thinking about that person who couldn’t contain his anger and frustration and ended up yelling at someone he doesn’t even know.

That is when I decided that I wanted to know about things that are happening with people like him who have lost their inner peace. In other words, I wanted to understand them.

So, let’s find out whether attaining inner peace still matters to people.

How is inner peace still relevant in the present times?

You might be thinking, why do we even care about peace when people have become arrogant and aggressive themselves? When most people don’t even care about peace and tranquility anymore.

Why not shout, hustle or yell at someone who has misunderstood or misjudged you for who you are? The reasons can be different for people, but the truth is nobody can ignore things every time.

Society misunderstands the significance of inner peace by correlating it with silence and quietness. While inner peace does make you quiet, it has a strength of its own, famously known as quiet strength.

A Buddhist monk trying to attain inner peace.
Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay

So, here are the reasons why attaining inner peace still matters to people in the present times.

1. Inner peace is an integral part of wisdom:

What is the ultimate result of wisdom beyond years?

Inner peace, right? Worrying about nothing else but internal harmony and achieving a balanced state takes years of hard work and patience. Inner peace is also one of the integral parts of worldly knowledge and experience.

Besides, it also helps us see through others’ insecurities most of the time. So, it is quite a great weapon to success too if used for our betterment.

2. Inner peace has a lot to offer to Self-development:

I think this one is pretty common. Self-development gives a whole new meaning to life if one aims of achieving success and respect. For some people, gaining high self-awareness is the goal of their life.

But what if we say that inner peace can help you achieve your highest potential? Now it doesn’t mean inner peace is going to make you rich or something. Rather, it can help provide a clear mind and heart to do so.

Many people want to achieve this potential, and I consider myself in the company of those. Inner peace is the way to a new and well-developed life beyond capabilities.

3. Inner peace does not support polar and dogmatic views:

We do not attain inner peace when we are biased toward things and concepts. It would be foolish to have this type of thinking as it can only create polar concepts that do not change with time.

Conflicts with the newer generations are inevitable if ideas and perspectives change, but we don’t. Inner peace helps you to find harmony at any stage of life. We don’t feel off or alone when we think from all sides. Instead, we allow ourselves to open up.

In conclusion, the only thing that can make us stable is having a sound and clear mind free of judgments and prejudices.

So, here are the three reasons why inner peace is still relevant in life.

However, one thing that remains unanswered is why are we losing inner peace at this stage when it matters the most.

Let’s find out.

Why are we losing inner peace and tranquility?

Exactly. What’s wrong with us?

Why are we hell-bent to drive others insane with our irrational decisions and behavior?

Like it or not, the answer is debatable at best and unknown at worst. But there are a few reasons why we behave and act this way without managing our mental and emotional stability.

Let’s take a look at what’s keeping the older generations calmer and more composed than us. At this point, we can say that the people of the previous century were more interactive with their environment and less with others. This is not to say that they were all reserved, but they knew which was better in the long run.

Interacting with our environment and analyzing it is a healthy way to deal with intense feelings of hatred and agony. Calmness is emotion, just a less intense or stable one. People can manipulate us, but our environment doesn’t. 

The other side of people who claim they have attained inner peace but secretly dwell in the shadows.
Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

So, let’s get started on why are we losing it and how attaining inner peace still matters to people.

1. Losing patience and perseverance:

One of the most obvious reasons why we are losing our inner peace is impatience and lack of perseverance around us. Yes, not in us but around us. How do we feel when we are the quiet ones, and others are just yelling at us for no reason? We get angry, right?

Likewise, the impatience and idleness around us have made it difficult to be patient and consistent with our stability. People are getting more and more aggressive and confrontational because of this.

It is better to say that most of them have lost their mental stability due to adverse circumstances, and now they desire to make others experience the same.

It is better to stay away from people who try to gaslight or manipulate us with hate speeches or propaganda.

2. Amplifying emotional reactions beyond rationality:

This one is directly related to the first one. With impatience and idleness, emotions feed on our conscious minds. We see everything around us as a violation of ourselves, even when it’s not.

This hallucination increases with time, and insecurities come out as short bursts of anger or frustration. Especially, if the person is emotionally immature, things can get really bad.

The worst comes when we amplify these reactions beyond rationality and sabotage ourselves with overwhelming confusion and dilemma.

3. Losing sight of objectivity in preferences or orientations:

Oh, the modern problems of sticking to respective orientations, whether ethical or political ones. These things have made our opinions more subjective and personal than they should be.

Most of them have maligned the reason for these orientations and made them a source to spread lies and hatred. People have discarded the objective approach. Instead, they just want a reason to make chaos in the masses leading to resentment and fear.

This fear is not good for attaining inner peace. If anything, it disregards the reason we should be calm and stable. It is better to be more objective and utilitarian about it than to be personal.

4. Trying to normalize mental issues and embracing them:

Normalizing mental health issues is another reason why most people lose inner peace. Mental issues are not normal. They represent a different conditions for people who need treatment and medications as much as possible.

Empathizing with them and their issues is different. Normalizing doesn’t help them but makes things worse. People who think they are mentally ill may get the wrong idea about these issues and might start advocating the same to others.

It is better to help mentally ill people seek therapy or companionship. The best way to help them is by being there when they need us. Believe it or not, it will help attain inner peace.

5. Correlating the current mishappenings with the future:

The future holds many possibilities that can make us go crazy. It has made us insane with the current circumstances and the ways we deal with them. We try to correlate the mishappenings in the present and speculate the future with the outcomes, thereby wasting our time.

Besides, the more we analyze, the worse the situation becomes. It is important to focus on what we have right now. The present outcomes might affect the future, but obsessing over them doesn’t help if we cannot change them.

Some things are beyond our control. It is better to accept it with time or we will lose our today in the pursuit of the future. 

6. Intelligence turning out to be a double-edged sword:

Ironically, intelligence has become a double-edged sword in recent years. Our overanalyzing and thinking tendencies are slowly taking the best of us. Even logical decisions seem to be impractical nowadays.

The idea of inner peace came through intelligence. With every passing generation, love and harmony became the lingua franca of teamwork and companionship.

Yet, the sudden revolution in the previous century has made intelligence itself detrimental to peace and stability. We associate more with its negative stereotypes than we did a century before.

7. Lastly, assuming the irrelevance of inner peace:

I think out of all the reasons I have mentioned before, this is by far the one that resonates the most. In other words, we do not care about inner peace anymore. Instead, we try to break the harmony we take so long to establish.

It’s all because we don’t see a point in maintaining inner peace. An eye for an eye has become the aim of our lives, and we do not refrain from disturbing others in this process. 

The supposed irrelevance has made us disregard the value of peace and harmony. Likewise, we force others to disregard it too.

Final Words:

To sum up, inner peace is an emotion and not a tendency. It is practiced with time by focusing on the acceptance and lack of prejudices and judgments. However, the opposing factors continue to suppress peace with overwhelming situations.

At this rate, it is important to understand why gaining inner peace still matters to people even with troubles around.

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