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Why Are Dreamers Important In The Age of Go-Getters?

A dreamer girl

Aspiring and achieving success is the motto of humanity’s existence. But why do dreamers still exist in the present times? Why are dreamers important in the age of Go-getters? Let’s find out.

Starting with the topic, I would like to share my analysis of the significance of child dreamers (me included). I am not biased towards a group of people here, rather just expressing my humble opinions.

So, it began back in my childhood when I was a sensitive and shy type with little to no assertiveness. I wasn’t productive from the beginning.

I was always jealous of energetic and enthusiastic guys of my age who would do anything to prove themselves. In fact, I did try to mold myself according to them, as often advised by my parents and colleagues, only to fail miserably.

I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. Do I lack motivation or a success drive or maybe a reason? I was sad and confused, which ultimately led me to performance anxiety in daily activities.

After consulting one of my friends, I realized that I have always been comparing myself to the wrong places. I was never cut out for intense competitive fields but insightful artistic ones. They turned my attention.

The worst nightmare of a child is to discover that he is not his ideal self. Every moment the child realizes this, he experiences disappointment, often leading to sadness and resentment concerning his performance.

But, first and foremost, a child is also a dreamer, right?

So, “How does being a dreamer benefit him in the long run?”

Also, “Why are dreamers important in the age of go-getters or achievers?”

Let’s find out.

Why is it healthy for us to be a dreamer?

So, let’s come to our first question, “Is it healthy for us to be a dreamer?”

“How should we deal with that?”

The answers vary a lot and may not present a clear picture of the bright experiences of adulthood. In fact, a person’s active imagination is the source of wonder and amazement, which is also linked to one’s culture. However, people think otherwise.

With the growing technological enhancements, things have changed a lot with the way we raise our children. Besides, most people do not encourage others to be wide-eyed dreamers. They consider it a waste of time and potential even when reality suggests otherwise.

Awkward and whimsical people are the most gifted creatures on the planet. They possess a childlike heart with intelligence beyond limits. However, they suffer every day due to old-school thoughts that demean the significance of dreamers.

So, here are 3 prime reasons why it is healthy for us to be a dreamer.

1. Dreaming is the library of the unexpected:

Unexpected things scare the hell out of people but not these dreamers. Where others have a hard time dealing with something unknown, dreamers thrive and pride themselves on understanding it.

In fact, almost everything that dreamers dream of is the exact opposite of reality. It helps them to understand their surroundings from a different perspective. Having a library of dreams is something dreamers have in their minds.

This library has a lot to offer to the world. All it requires is attention, and we witness the capabilities of the psyche through creative endeavors.

2. Dreaming is the pillar of courage:

Dreaming in the world of sane people itself is insane. Confining our thoughts to ourselves makes it even harder. But things aren’t so bad in the eyes of a dreamer, are they?

First and foremost, dreaming is the pillar of strength. It is a fact that some of the most successful personalities around the world have been dreamers who made their dream a reality. However, all they ever suggest is to keep dreaming and achieving.

It shows the significance of dreaming in our lives, no matter how silly it is. Besides, it is also the foundation of our life goals too.

3. Dreaming is a mockery of reality:

The reality, as it is, is practical at best and uninspiring at worst. Nothing can change its nature in the long run. People try to influence it by coming up with violence and chaos and then talk about reality being brutal.

To be honest, dreaming is a mockery of reality. It is what a person believes reality should be even under consistent practical implications. We are sometimes too dissatisfied with the reality that we try to find a refuge in our dreams.

But that doesn’t mean it is an unhealthy coping mechanism. It is just how some people are comfortable being a dreamer and fulfilling the role of ideas and issues.

So, here were 3 reasons why it is healthy to be a dreamer.

Now, “What about the differences between dreamers and go-getters?”

“Why are dreamers important in the age of go-getters?”

Let’s find out in the next section.

Why are dreamers important in the age of go-getters?

Exactly, this is the defining issue of the complete analysis. Dreams are not real, but the reality is. Acting in dreams isn’t real, but the reality is. So why bother dreaming when it has little to no benefits?

We listen to so many motivational videos stating the significance of taking action and utilizing resources for self-development. So, does that mean dreaming is insignificant? Not at all. What we need to understand is that without dreaming, there is no action. It is where everything starts in the first place.

The differences between dreamers and non-dreamers exist in the understanding and implications of the dream itself. While others just consider it a fruitless fantasy, dreamers trace a unique path through these fantasies to achieve their life goals.

Are dreamers important in the age of go-getters? Illustration of a moon.
Image by kinkate from Pixabay

So, here are 6 beautiful reasons why dreamers are important in the age of go-getters.

1. Dreamers inspire the go-getters:

Whether through words or ideas, dreamers do inspire other people to achieve things in life. Even go-getters are not indifferent to their inspiring words. They may not take an active role in the pursuit, but their presence is acknowledged.

In fact, we can also say that dreamers give go-getters a reason to pursue their goals. Often, the latter is aware of the “how” of the things but seldom understands the “why” of the things. Dreamers help them identify the reason behind their motivations.

Utilizing resources is the hallmark of a go-getter, but understanding motivations are that of a dreamer.

2. Dreamers establish a system beyond hierarchy:

Most people misunderstand dreamers as uncivilized hippies running around in the forest. This is simply not true. While their demeanor might give off a bohemian presence, they have the structures in their lives that most of us can’t deal with.

It’s easy to accept the systematic approach to things that comes with hierarchy. But these systems have little to no concern about the needs of an individual. It is where dreamers shine as they know how to establish structure and discipline within themselves.

They are stable and sensible, but carry a flame inside that manifests as their unflinching willpower, grit, and determination.

3. Dreamers teach us new ways of dealing with hardships:

People face hardships when they are traveling an unconventional path. There are no second thoughts of turning back. Facing troubles as they come is a trait only go-getters have. This is what separates them from the rest.

But sometimes the problems can be too complex, and one requires new ways of dealing with them. Dreamers can determine new and thoughtful ways to deal with hardships. Go-getters know how to be stoic against hardships, but dreamers help them to put up a fight.

This teamwork is very good in the long run and helps both parties to evolve and mature with time. Collaboration, however, is the key to make things easier.

4. Dreamers bring harmony and acceptance to society:

Actually, it takes place behind the scenes. Mostly, dreamers come off as too self-centered or selfish in their pursuits that their contribution to society seems negligible. However, they are more charitable than people give them credit for.

While social workers do focus on community and social welfare, dreamers tend to utilize accepted ways to express themselves. They establish the essential principles in the society where communal harmony and acceptance are given the utmost importance.

It isn’t easy to maintain it in the current scenario due to the rising instances of jealousy, hatred, and cynicism. Along with go-getters, dreamers can make sure they meet their goals in life.

5. Dreamers are few and far between us:

Let’s face it, dreamers are rare. We do not meet such people daily in our lives. They are few and far between us and do not normally like to meet others. Every person is a dreamer to some extent, and that leads to people confusing them for true dreamers.

It’s easy to seek a person who dreams rather than a true dreamer. True dreamers are eccentric and offbeat. They are mostly found in libraries and parks or a traditional setting gaining information from their surroundings.

They like to be rare and pride themselves on being that way. It makes them unique and self-oriented. They tend to appear very calm and collected but try not to judge them, or you might see a different person altogether. Beware of the storm 🙂

6. Lastly, dreamers are the enigmatic paragons of idealism:

I have discussed idealism many times in my articles, and it’s because to some extent I am an idealist too. Though, I have adopted new ways to express it in my views and opinions. Also, nothing makes me happier than being an idealist.

Coming back to the dreamers, they have a stronghold over their idealism. They uphold their ideals to high standards and repress nothing in their lives. In fact, I would call them enigmatic paragons of idealism. It sounds a bit cheesy but represents them the best.

Go-getters are hardcore realists by nature. However, with the help of dreamers, they can be calmer and more optimistic in their approach.

Final Words:

To sum up, dreamers have a significant role in our lives along with go-getters and achievers. They might not play an active one in influencing things, but they seek and show a new path to these go-getters who can carry on with the task later. That is the reason why dreamers are important in the age of go-getters.

We need to understand why we want to succeed, the motivations and reasons have to be analyzed before trying to achieve things. Dreamers make this possible for us, and we have a clear reason to pursue our ambitions.

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