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Understanding the Human Condition With an Unparalleled Insight

Times are changing and so is our understanding of human condition.

The understanding of human condition through the eyes of an empath

Nearly a year ago, I was interacting with one of my relatives (distant ones). I wanted to congratulate them on a special occasion via chat messages. Moreover, I was pretty excited to celebrate this occasion with them, considering I hadn’t met them for years.

One of my cousins wrote a story for her school magazine, which she wanted to share with me. Besides, she also wanted to know my views upon it.

Meanwhile, I was reading it with keen interest and was proud that my cousin had written such an informative description. Moreover, it was centered around the perils of society through the eyes of an empath.

But then I wondered, “What would an empath feel when he witnesses the dark side of human nature in a society? How would he deal with all the negativity surrounding him like a wildfire in a forest?”

In other words, the empath’s answer to the perils of society is different than the rest of the population. As a result, it is filled with more love, care, and goodwill concerning his intentions and motives.

And it is how I came to this topic, understanding of the human condition (through the eyes of an empath).

So, we are going to discuss some key factors which help build and destroy the worldview of the human condition. Let us see how we can work together to make things better for people and society.

The state of society through the eyes of an empath:

Well, nothing is hidden from people.

The white lies of leaders who promise to attend to the needs of the poor and downtrodden are known to every person with slight amazement at most.

Further, it seems that the moral or societal esteem has been affected a lot by these bureaucrats and politicians. As a result, countless people are corrupted by the influence of power and authority.

Above all, the ongoing maltreatment and exploitation of several homeless people is evidence of the sad state of society.

But, “How does the state of society affect the worldview of an empath?”

It affects an empath in different ways. Firstly, it affects the optimistic attitude, which makes sense considering the cynicism that exists in society. Secondly, he realizes that the world isn’t what it seems, and there are lies and deceit everywhere. Further, he has to hide his emotional and empathetic nature to survive and deal with a broken heart.

The sensitivity of an empath understanding the human condition
Photo by Anderson Santos from Pexels

The understanding of human condition through the eyes of an empath:

Therefore, it poses two questions in front of us.

“Where are we failing as a society and what are the things we need to change to make society better?”

To sum up, we are failing as humans by neglecting the very source of humanity, i.e., understanding the human condition.

Besides, the emotional turbulence has stirred a lot of debates in recent years. As a result, we need an insightful analysis of human emotions and feelings.

But, “What is the human condition?”

By definition,

It is the experiences, characteristics, and limitations of life shared by all humans as opposed to other lifeforms.

It sounds like emotional philosophy, right.

Well, it is because that is what it is. It is the understanding of human experiences, whether good or bad. Moreover, it also helps us to become wiser and motivates us to empathize with the pain and suffering of people. Therefore, we attain practical knowledge about reality to deal with emotions that trigger feelings of regret and despair.

You can also watch the video below by Freedom in Thought to know about the significance of empathy:

Why Empathy is the Most Valuable Skill

Hence, that is what an empath sees and experiences. In other words, he understands the human condition, the way reality is, and how it should be.

But nothing is possible without the analysis of deep and rich emotional insights. Further, they are what you can call the ‘basis’ for understanding the human condition.

So, let us discuss what the emotional insights have to offer to the human condition.

What is the purpose of intuition and emotional insights:

It isn’t surprising that emotional insights serve well to human experiences. Above all, they originate from these experiences itself.

Besides, the emotional and sensitive people are aware and attuned to insights and know these capabilities to understand human emotions.

Therefore, they help us gain a greater awareness of the underlying human thought processes.

But insights are never worth without the intuition that identifies even the slightest changes in the behavior of people.

A woman using her intuition to understand people
Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

In other words, our intuition helps us to know what a person is hiding within his deepest self.

Similarly, the ability of our intuition to penetrate through the ‘outer shell’ of true self makes us understand the truth about emotions. Further, when it is done upon a large set of people, it helps us gain a holistic conclusion about the aspects of humanity.

The understanding of human condition through the lens of emotional insights:

Our emotional insights have a huge role to play in the understanding of human limitations.

But, “How do our emotional insights help us in understanding human condition?”

The answer lies in the psychological and philosophical theories, where we discuss things like birth, death, morality, and human values.

You can also watch the video below by Elizabeth Chandler at TEDxAugusta to know about the human condition:

The Human Condition | Elizabeth Chandler | TEDxAugusta

However, it doesn’t mean that people have to be philosophically inclined to understand it. Rather, they need to contemplate and analyze simple things that make us human beings.

For instance, we are aware of the ongoing pandemic situation about the condition of people around the world. Moreover, the steps countries are taking to stop this deadly foe and ensure public safety is worthy of respect.

But in some ways, it has also lead us to understand the human condition. Consequently, it is nothing but the effects of our heightened emotional insights into human limitations upon life and death.

To sum up, these insights impart infinite wisdom to deal with emotional and psychological turmoils. Besides, we can absorb more information to recognize the possibilities for the ever-changing analogies of the human condition.

Though it comes at the price of internalizing the pain and agony concerning society. Hence, we accept the rich source of experience as a part of human nature.

Final Words:

In conclusion, the depths of emotional wisdom cannot be measured as they are refined with many experiences. Moreover, life is a learning process that helps us to mature with time, and nothing stops us from tapping into our emotional insights.

As far as the relevance of understanding the human condition is concerned, we need to empathize and work together as a family to take care of each other’s resources and needs.

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