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Idea Of The Supreme Being – God or Nature

What is the idea of the supreme being? Is it the divinity of God or the balance of Nature?

Religions are riddled with it.

Cultures are influenced by it.

However, after all this time, we still do not know who is ‘the one’ governing the inhabitants of the earth and guiding us to the path of evolution.

Sure, it is easy to believe in a ‘higher being’ when we come across the inconsistent human nature. Besides, it also hinders any of us to stand as leaders among mortals. However, it is fruitless to limit our curious nature for the sake of physiological needs of stability and security.

But, “Isn’t it foolish to rely on someone whose existence remains debatable?”

Well, if that would have been the case, then our faith in religions across the world would have been baseless and pointless. Moreover, our ultimate goal to unite with ‘the one’ would seem absurd. It would eventually lead us to the belief of evil or Satan.

So, “Is it absurd?”

Maybe or maybe not.

In other words, what we need to do is look at the other side of the situation. The side that often gets overlooked due to its highly predictable nature, which humanity deems unworthy of attention as we are used to seeking the unpredictable.

But then the question arises, “Are we going to find our answers on the other side, or is it just going to open us to new possibilities?”

To be honest, we aren’t sure of it. However, by considering new possibilities, we may come closer to the truth behind ‘the one’.

The belief in the idea of the supreme being as ‘God’:

So, here comes our savior, our messianic figure with all its might and miracles, the God.

Our belief in his existence grew strong in the medieval or early medieval ages. Besides, various religions around the world stressed the recognition of power. In short, this power is strong enough to create or destroy every element in the universe.

Since then, humanity has been relentlessly seeking God in every way possible. However, once again, all we come across are possibilities of his omnipresence and omniscience.

We have multiple theories to support our claims, but they are not enough to prove his existence. Hence, on many accounts, we have failed to gain any insight into the nature of god. Besides, we are clueless about his appearance, and whether he is just as good as explained in those sacred religious texts.

The statue of Jesus Christ exemplifying the existence of God as 'the one'.
Photo by Sergio Otoya on Unsplash

The hypothetical idea of the existence of God:

But what we need to know is, “Is it worth believing in the existence of God? And if it isn’t, will doing so helps us in any way?”

Well, most importantly, it might help us to consider the limited knowledge we have in our constrained lives about his existence.


One thing that goes unacknowledged is that our faith in him has helped us to rise past our mundane or regular lives of the wild to become the most intelligent creatures on the planet.

On a logical note, that sounds absurd. However, even psychology validates that our faith and devotion have somehow helped us transcend the evolutionary process.

But, “How is it possible to be inspired by a power we haven’t experienced or witnessed?”

The answer lies within the people who seek inspiration from this power, the philosophers, spiritual leaders, and ascetics. As a result, they are ‘idealists’ at heart and seek ideas that may or may not exist.

In other words, they are highly driven by noticing possibilities in their immediate environment to form patterns and understand them from a greater perspective.

Moreover, they are seekers of the unknown and do not fear things that are not easily comprehended. Hence, they are the ones who believe that God exists, and only he is the one.

To sum up, they advised people to believe in God and helped them to find him inside by meditation or introspection. Besides, the existence of heaven and hell was also preached by them to make people understand the right path to a good life.

The belief in the idea of the supreme being as ‘Nature’:

Yes, that’s right.

Our mother nature has a will of its own that manifests as undesirable outcomes of situations which we deem as miracles.

For instance, the discovery of some of the weirdest creatures is unexpected, considering the decreasing forest area around the world.

Hence, the ‘will of nature’ is evident here since creatures are a part of it. Moreover, the discovery of new species in areas of biodiversity further supports the above statement.

Likewise, there seems to be an underlying pattern or connection between events and the will of nature. As a result, we can’t overlook it no matter how improbable it seems. Besides, the existence of humanity until now connects us to its will.

The practical idea of the existence of nature:

For instance, Indian and Greek mythologies have regarded natural elements as ‘Gods or Demigods’. Therefore, the entire natural process governing these elements can be regarded as the ‘supreme power’.

But, “If the will of nature is so strong and influential, then why did other mythologies not mention the significance of nature as Indian and Greek mythologies did?”

Well, the reason is that both these ancient mythologies focus on understanding the practical world. Hence, they lived and worshipped nature and its elements.

 Idea of the supreme being as 'mother nature'
Photo by Roy Reyna from Pexels

Let’s not forget that India was home to tribes that respected and worshipped nature. Moreover, Greek mythologies stressed on the significance of natural elements such as air, water, sun, metal, and soil.

For instance, if we consider natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires, we conclude that these disasters are formed by the forces of nature, i.e., the inherent ‘will of our mother earth’ without any human intervention.

Besides, the theories about heaven and hell are probably based on either beautiful or desolated places. As a result, these destinations would have inspired humanity to create the concepts of heaven and hell on earth.

So, “Is the will of nature paramount among all the existing beliefs of ‘the one’?”

That is what a set of people believes who worship the nature above everything. In other words, they believe nature is a great teacher and our fate or destiny is governed by the sacred and conscious power of ‘Gaia’.

Most importantly, these individuals are realists by nature. Besides, they also embrace the vast diversity that exists among various species and respect creatures as children of Gaia. Therefore, they advocate the existence of ‘will of nature’ as the one.

The divine grace of God and the natural strength of Gaia:

If the divine exists, his divinity is the supreme truth.

If the mother exists, her strength is the ultimate will of nature.

The existential dilemma of God and Gaia has forever been a subject to public interpretation. However, we have a long way to go before we harness the complete knowledge of the creation of our world.

The difference in the ideas of the supreme being- Nature or God
Photos from Pexels

So, “What is the truth behind our creation? Is it the grace of God or the strength of Gaia?”

It seems that both had a significant role to play in the events of our small world. To sum up, God is the father of creation, while Gaia is the mother nature.

But none would have completed this process of creation alone.

Consequently, God needed a world upon which he could use his knowledge to produce his creations. However, without Gaia or mother earth, it would have been difficult to sustain life on any planet.

Maybe from a broad perspective, God helped Gaia to bring balance to her strength while Gaia helped God to sustain his creations, thereby fulfilling the idea of the supreme being.

Final Words:

In conclusion, the mystery behind our existence lies in the untold truth about the creation of life on earth. Moreover, the optimum conditions of our planet might have allowed us to survive and evolve as the apex species. However, it has also opened the doors to multiple possibilities.

Nevertheless, we have to discover the idea of the supreme being. It may take us several generations, but we will seek our answers eventually.

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