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How To Effectively Tackle Emotional Meltdowns?

Emotional meltdowns are really bad and sabotage our inner peace. But, how to effectively tackle emotional meltdowns? What are the ways to do it? Let’s find out.

A woman trying to find ways to effectively tackle emotional meltdown.
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Meltdowns are common in our age. We are surrounded by many stimulating factors that make us very angry, sad, depressed, and anxious all at the same time. 

No matter how hard we try, we face the meltdowns once a year on average. It is entirely a coping mechanism to situations that induce high emotional responses.

In other words, when things are too complex and unbearable with absolutely no solution to them, we become angry and detached. However, it gets piled up until we release it all at once.

I was a victim to this meltdown a long time ago when my friend, who had been angry with me for a reason, did not do anything about it until one final day when he unleashed his anger and frustration with cold arguments.

To be honest, I was shocked to see him with so much in his mind but revealed it when it was no longer bearable to him. So, when I shifted to another city he got calmer and better.

Most of the time, we do not know how to control it without sabotaging our inner peace. My friend was almost shouting and yelling at me at this point.

He was completely out of touch with everything except his anger. Therefore, it is important to deal with this as soon as possible. Otherwise, we end up using sarcasm and criticism to hurt others.

So, “Why do we experience them?”

“How to effectively tackle emotional meltdowns?”

Let’s find out.

You can also watch the video below to know about the ways to deal with emotional meltdowns:

5 Simple And Effective Ways To Deal With Emotional Meltdowns

Why do we experience emotional meltdowns?

Before diving into the ways to tackle emotional meltdowns, we have to understand why we experience these meltdowns. There are some reasons for the explosion of emotions.

Now, the presence of many stressors around us can trigger unexpected behaviors that are difficult to understand for others. But, the thing that is important about emotional meltdowns is dealing with patience.

A woman undergoing emotional meltdown
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Patience holds a tight reign to one’s emotional reactions. Moreover, it also decides how strong a person is mental to deal with issues.

So, here are the 3 most important reasons why we experience emotional meltdowns.

1. Our surroundings influence us negatively:

Our surroundings affect us a great deal. We experience many things that stimulate intense emotional reactions, difficult to control.

But, when we are in a hostile environment with little to no consideration of peace and calmness, we are negatively affected by what we experience. So, if you face violence, abuse, and trauma, chances are that you would have frequent emotional meltdowns.

Hence, our surroundings play an important role in influencing emotional meltdowns.

2. Facing too many challenging situations: 

It is the slimmed-down version of the first reason, but different from it. For instance, we face challenging situations all at once, such as paying bills, getting a job, maintaining relationships.

It creates additional baggage of tension, stress, depression, and anxiety. As a result, we enter into emotional meltdowns. Now, if we are neurotic or emotionally unstable, it can become very complex, and we suffer so much due to it.

Therefore, when we face too many challenging situations, emotional meltdowns are inevitable.

3. Suppressing too many things inside:

We suppress too many things without experiencing or solving them. It leads to the bottling up of emotions. In severe cases, people have bottled up their emotions for years.

It is especially true for the highly sensitive people who experience and feel a lot of things without explaining or revealing them to others. But, things do not end here as it causes a lot of mental and emotional troubles.

Hence, suppressing too many things inside can also cause emotional meltdowns.

So, we have discussed the reasons behind emotional meltdowns. We have also seen how suppressing emotions can be very unhealthy.

But, “How to effectively tackle emotional meltdowns?”

“What should we do to overcome it?”

Let’s find out.

How to effectively tackle emotional meltdowns?

The reasons that we have seen in the previous sections are enough to make you emotionally unstable and force you into meltdowns. Sadly, these emotional meltdowns are inevitable. We cannot be all right every time. Hence, it is better to deal with them rather than ignoring them straight away.

Emotional meltdowns are the result of really bad situations that force you to act impulsively without realizing the implications of it. The more you suppress it, the more it will breed on your resistance. As a result, it drives you to a point where you cannot suppress it anymore.

A woman trying to overcome emotional meltdown
Photo by Sofia Alejandra from Pexels

But, there must be ways, right. Some pretty good ways to deal with it.

Yes, there are.

So, here are the 5 most accurate ways to effectively tackle emotional meltdowns.

1. Do not suppress your emotions:

It’s obvious. 

Feelings are the driving force behind all emotional meltdowns. If you ignore your emotions and feelings and their impulsive reactions, then you are landing yourself into big trouble.

It is a common observation that most people who have emotional meltdown suppress their emotions a lot and do not deal with them. It leads to anxiety, depression, and frustrations, which are ultimately the sources of the meltdown.

Therefore, do not suppress your emotions or ignore them.

2. Spend time with good people:

Our company has a lot to do with our emotional responses. In other words, certain factors unexpectedly affect our meltdowns. In this case, it is the company we are in.

Spending our valuable time with good people helps us to learn a lot. These people make us happy and satisfied, whereas people who are unhealthy for us often make us sad or depressed and anxious. 

Hence, it is important to spend time with people who can affect your emotional state positively.

3. Practice effective stress-management:

I think we can all agree with the statement above. Stress is one of the prime sources of an emotional meltdown. It is necessary to deal with the stress in our lives, whether at home or in the workplace.

So, to effectively tackle the stress in our lives, we have to practice effective stress-management. Stress-management is a long-term solution to prevent emotional breakdowns. Besides, it is also the best way to deal with multiple situations that trigger emotional reactions.

Therefore, practicing stress-management is one of the best ways to deal with emotional breakdowns.

4. Pen down how you feel about things in life:

It is important to write down what you are feeling about things in life. Sometimes, journaling can be an effective way to solve all your problems by expressing yourself.

To deal with emotional meltdowns, it is important to pen down the various factors and decisions that affect you or have affected you till now. A poem, or a story, anything that can release excessive stress or depression will work.

Hence, penning down is also one of the best ways to deal with emotional meltdowns.

5. Lastly, seek the help of a friend:

There are many ways friends can help you in dealing with emotional meltdowns. By friends, I mean the ones who are ready to accept your experiences and do not judge you for everything.

Seeking their help and taking advice from them helps you in dealing with the emotional meltdowns effectively without any external help. No matter how bad things are, if you are with a good friend, he can help you in overcoming your problems in life.

Therefore, if you are dealing with emotional meltdowns then talk it out with a friend.

5 accurate ways to effectively tackle emotional meltdown

Final Words:

To sum up, emotional meltdowns are the inevitable reality of human behavior that everyone experiences once in a lifetime. The reasons behind it are informative enough to understand how it works.

However, we can tackle it using the above accurate ways that can help us to be in control of ourselves and our feelings.

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