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How does Unconventional Creativity Lead To Meaningful Pursuits?

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Finding meaning in life is a subjective purpose. Either you find it, or you continue to seek it. But how does unconventional creativity lead to meaningful pursuits? Let’s find out.

Conventions, traditions, and customs are there for a reason and aren’t formed overnight without a reason. Most people understand the significance of conventions in shaping our lifestyle.

The others who do not value conventional life learn it the hard way. Whatever the case is, following the rules of living in a society has been beneficial to humanity.

However, this doesn’t prevent them from being amazed by things that do not follow conventions. In other words, unconventionality amazes people as they learn something new and different.

On the other hand, conventions are too mundane and boring to gain the attention of people at large. Most people have the inner desire to bring out the unconventional life to their reality.

Likewise, creativity is also a part of this unconventional journey. But with time, it has undergone some significant changes. We can understand it now as both conventional and unconventional parts of creativity.

So, “What is this unconventional creativity, and how is it related to meaningful pursuits?”

Let’s find out.

What is the significance of conventional creativity?

“Can creativity be as simple as conventional creativity?”

Or, “Is it just a fancy term used to make it look more practical?”

Well, it is a fancy term. But creativity can also be as simple as conventional creativity, which seems confusing to most people. The thing is, the conventional part of creativity has more to it than meets the eye.

For instance, you might be a great poet or a musician. May be an influential writer too. But if you don’t understand your creativity of looking, feeling, and introspecting things uniquely, then people will never see your worth.

To sum up, conventional creativity might not be as eccentric and otherworldly as its unconventional counterpart, yet it imparts a perfect balance to the idealistic creation and practical tradition of ideas. 

A woman trying to tap into her conventional creativity.
Image by Karen Nadine from Pixabay

So, “What is the significance of conventional creativity?”

Here, are 3 reasons why conventional creativity is significant.

1. Conventional creativity is easy to practice:

The above statement can be a little misleading. Creativity is not everyone’s cup of tea, but practicing and mastering its conventional counterpart is easier.

Not to forget the thrill and excitement one experiences after creating something practical like cooking, arts and crafts, or dancing and performing. In other words, it is much easier to practice these things as they do not require complex thought processes.

For these reasons, conventional creativity is easy to practice, and hence significant to our lives.

2. Conventional creativity has many practical applications:

One of the reasons why conventional creativity is significant is because it has many practical and real-world applications for creating and understanding things.

These practical applications are the extension of new and quirky ways of doing things without conforming to or violating the conventionality of people and society.

Unlike unconventional creativity, it doesn’t suffer from the shallow opinions and perspectives of the former. 

3. Conventional creativity helps us to be more productive:

Acting on things and creating them requires time when we utilize unconventional creativity. But it isn’t a big deal with the conventional one. It makes us more productive.

For instance, cooking, decoring a wedding dress, or creating a beautiful painting requires acting and creating things with less time and effort.

The result is we get an efficient and creative solution to most of our problems with conventional creativity.

So, here are the three reasons behind conventional creativity and its significance.

Now, let’s take a look at how unconventional creativity leads to meaningful pursuits in the next section.

Does unconventional creativity lead to meaningful pursuits?

In the previous section, we have discussed in detail the reasons that make conventional creativity suitable to balance idealism with practicality. But is unconventional creativity useless or irrelevant?

No, certainly not. Creativity in its true essence is both conventional and unconventional. The important thing about the latter is it defies all forms of supposed creations and brings out something new to the table.

Unconventionality provides a novel outlook towards different factions of society. In fact, the traits of creativity impart a unique imagination to the individual, making him quirky and eccentric.

A bulb representing the unconventional creativity with meaningful pursuits.
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

So, here are 6 ways how unconventional creativity leads to meaningful pursuits.

1. Unconventional creativity helps us seek inspiration:

People seek inspiration from things that seem beautiful and offbeat to them. Not that conventional creativity lacks inspiration or something, but the unconventional one inspires in unique ways.

In other words, it helps us seek things that do not inspire many, but only a selected few who can comprehend them. Due to its offbeat nature, unconventional creativity makes us optimistic, leading to meaningful pursuits.

It doesn’t matter whether it is artistic, scientific, or philosophical as long as there is something unconventional in them to seek inspiration from.

2. Unconventional creativity makes us express ourselves in unique ways:

Meaningful pursuits require a different approach to life. Most importantly, expression is a vital part of seeking out meaningful experiences. Ironically, we need to express things abstractly to seek them in reality.

However, the best part about unconventional creativity is that we can express it through unique and different ways appealing to the people and society. It is altogether a complicated way to create things but with more ideas.

Unique things attract us and provide us with a lot of useful insights about our surroundings. Unconventional creativity helps to make it possible.

3. Unconventional creativity leads to greater self-realization:

Whether it is the realization of our motives and desires or strengths and weaknesses, unconventional creativity creates numerous paths to creatively understanding ourselves.

The path to meaningful pursuits includes creatively expressing self no matter how complex it is. Having an idea about living a life in our heads is another way of making them true.

Ideas play an important role, and they do not come when we aren’t aware of them. Proper self-realization is vital at every step.

4. Unconventional creativity influences our life goals:

Our life goals are essential to meaningful pursuits. They represent our aim towards a healthy life whether a happy or a satisfied one. But there is something equally important while chasing them.

For instance, these goals are like a vision to our eyes and the future or the possibility of it. Unconventional creativity helps in influencing our visions and filters out the conventional things that might be conforming to the majority but are unhelpful in living the life we want.

Life goals are unique to everyone and conventional creativity doesn’t help us in this regard. However, its counterpart is good at influencing it.

5. Unconventional creativity isn’t limited to practicality:

In many ways, practicality seems contrary to a meaningful life. Not that it is aversive to it, but the effects of practicality are different altogether. In other words, it depends on meaningful pursuits to a certain extent.

Conventional creativity conforms to practicality and is limited to it. It is practical in every sense and doesn’t go against it. On the other hand, unconventional creativity isn’t limited to the constraints of practicality and aims to look for things beyond it.

Creativity doesn’t have to defy reality or practicality in any way. But unconventional one does, and it also helps us live past the ugliness of practicality.

6. Lastly, unconventional creativity is just……unconventional:

The most important thing about unconventional creativity is that it is just unconventional. This reason alone is enough to understand we need to gain meaningful pursuits. 

To experience life with a purpose, we do not have to seek meaning. Even a normal life can be meaningful. But with unconventional creativity, life becomes unconventionally meaningful, with offbeat pursuits and aims.

Therefore, the bottom line is unconventional creativity makes our meaningful pursuits unconventional and helps us live through them.

Final Words:

To sum up, unconventional creativity is nothing special on its own. But when we utilize it according to our motives and desires, it helps us live a meaningful life with creative pursuits.

Conventional creativity is equally necessary to maintain the balance between the tribe and individual goals and harmonize them.

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