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Authenticity-A Unique Path to Introspection

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Authenticity is a unique path to introspection and enlightenment.

If anything fascinates humanity for ages, it is the ability to dive deep into the depths of one’s internal universe and tap into the hidden potential of self. In simple words, it is called introspection.

For instance, when we turn the pages of our rich and magnificent history, we find some of the greatest civilizations contemplating the inevitable truth of inner reality.

Besides, the complexity of human nature makes it even more interesting to explore one’s true self. However, people can introspect only when they are authentic to themselves and their purpose. Therefore, this need to be true to oneself is called authenticity.

“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to show our true selves.”

– Brene Brown

Above all, society values introspection, i.e., the road to enlightenment. However, it doesn’t consider authenticity as a path to trace it.

Therefore, let us discuss the truth about our true selves with authenticity.

Knowing the truth about oneself with authenticity:

We may have come across this phrase a lot of times, Be Yourself, but very few have been able to acknowledge its true meaning. However, the ones who do are successful and unique.

But, “What keeps us from knowing the truth about ourselves?”

Well, it is the lack of understanding of our potential as an individual in this mundane society.

In other words, being true to ourselves is necessary to lead meaningful lives. However, society misunderstands authenticity as the need to be true to others when it is the need to be true to itself.

Moreover, it is a decision-based judgment that looks for solutions working primarily for self, solely resonating with one’s individuality.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

– Carl Gustav Jung

For instance, some people refer to authenticity as adherence to logic and reasoning, while for others, it can refer to their principles and beliefs.

Well, either way, they are true to their beliefs. Besides, a healthy individuality motivates people to look for the best in themselves and others.

You can also watch the video by Academy of Ideas to learn about the psychology behind authenticity:

The Psychology of Authenticity

The expectations of our family and society have a huge role to play in this path of introspection. In other words, our family members have certain expectations of us.

However, it doesn’t mean we should defy the expectations. But, at the same time, our desires and ambitions are equally important. Moreover, an individual who wants to live an unconventional life suffers from critical judgment and is mocked for his eccentric lifestyle by society.

The spirituality of chakras also mentions the significance of authenticity. Therefore, let us discuss what do we have to learn about it.

The eternal relevance of the ‘throat chakra’ and the ‘authentic spirituality’:

Often, society passes judgment on spiritual individuals, who desire inner peace, for being too sophisticated and satisfied with their lives. However, it forces them to lose touch with their authenticity. Besides, any attempt to fit in among the rest proves futile.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

According to Indian mythology, there are seven chakras in our body, forming the complete knowledge and enlightenment of a person.

The chakra located on the thyroid or the neck region is called ‘Vishuddha Chakra’ or Throat Chakra, which deals with the need for authenticity, individuality, and self-expression.

I listen with my whole self and think before I speak. When I say, I don’t back away from what is true or right. I share and communicate effectively and respectfully with others. I express myself fully and creatively.

– Aura Cacia

Hence, an individual having a healthy ‘Vishuddha Chakra’ is quite authentic and expresses himself to people genuinely. Besides, he isn’t concerned about the way others perceive him.

However, if this chakra is unhealthy, the individual suffers from depression, anxiety, and self-doubt. He has low self-esteem, is envious of others, and unable to realize his true self.

Therefore, he has no option but to rise against the judgments and conventions of society.

Rising against judgments and conventions of the inauthentic society:

Every individual becomes a victim to the judgment of society and tries to mold itself according to its needs.

However, in the end, all they experience is regret for their ‘indecisive’ nature. But, people who accept authenticity are in touch with their values, deeply held principles, and beliefs to lead a content life. Hence, they embrace who they are and truly become unique.

Going against the norms of society takes a lot of strength, both mental and emotional. However, if one is determined to make a life out of his choices, then he can beat all the odds to become who he wants to become. 

Moreover, authenticity encompasses every part or phase of our lives and isn’t limited to a career or relationship.

Sometimes, people become victims of shame and disappointment as they aren’t similar to others. For instance, a homoromantic individual living in a conservative society faces criticism for his romantic orientation. Besides, he feels ashamed of himself and his life.

Therefore, embracing and acknowledging one’s sexuality becomes necessary as one can’t lie to himself. Moreover, such people who appear ‘meek’ and ‘subservient’ to society will truly shine proving themselves, and their potential to the world.

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”

― May Sarton

Hence, people must understand the significance of authenticity and introspection. They should ask themselves who they are and what is the purpose of their lives.

Now, either they can lie to themselves for years to act like someone they are not or be honest with themselves and live the rest of their lives with pride and honor.

Final Words:

In conclusion, we need to understand ourselves to be successful. The modern society has lost itself to materialism. Besides, people concern themselves with more and more things that go with the trend.

Therefore, it’s high time we gain touch with our authenticity and spiritual satisfaction to move beyond what we perceive as ordinary. In other words, we could guide our future generations with more insight and meaning this time and proudly say, Be yourself.

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