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5 Inspiring Ways How to Turn Your Creativity Into Vision

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Are you frustrated with your creative ideas going nowhere? Then, here are 5 inspiring ways how to turn your creativity into vision? Come along and find out.

A girl determined to utilize 5 inspiring ways how to turn your creativity into vision.
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“I have so many things going on in my head. It has become almost impossible to get a hold of them. It’s as if my entire life is a reflection of randomness. Ah… my head hurts and I usually end up mentally tired too.”

-An ADHD patient

Seriously, life can be so hard for some people suffering from mental disorders, especially the ones with ADHD, BPD, and Schizophrenia. I hope I am not as of now (fingers crossed). I heard an ADHD patient say those lines on TV and realized how hard it is to live a life like that.

He is a content creator and YouTuber (which is something I envy a lot), and he admitted during a short and sweet interview how he had to fight his mind to focus on his goals. He is also one of the inspirations I look up to the most. Hence, I decided to use his lines.

Anyways, I was more interested in listening to him speak about his thought processes. He said many things about the randomness of his mind. Now, that caught my attention and I thought what if we harness it to serve a better purpose.

Maybe use creativity in a good direction, or, in other words, turning it into a vision. Yeah, I know it sounds stupid. Both are too different to be compared in the first place. However, we can still do it. How? Well, we have 5 inspiring ways how to turn your creativity into vision.

Why should we harness the power of vision?

Of course, before discussing anything it is vital to understand the power of vision in a general sense. You might have seen so many movies and TV shows emphasizing mysterious perceptions and foresight. Yeah, they just represent a vague impression of vision.

Now, creativity is not at all mysterious. If anything, it’s amazing and magical. You don’t have to follow something that doesn’t exist, rather you combine two things and form something that can be used in day-to-day applications.

However, there is a problem here. You see vision cannot be applied to our lives so easily. The purpose of the vision is not to influence our lifestyle, but to change it altogether. Therefore, it is also difficult to make sense of a visionary approach.

“I like to study things at their core to dive deep into their existence. I don’t know why I do it, but I do believe it’s going to lead me somewhere. Maybe it’s the ultimate truth or a fallacy. Either way, I love following something unexplainable.”

-A visionary
A lamp representing the power of vision
Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash

So, here are 3 reasons why should we harness the power of vision.

1. It provides a goal to an already chaotic life:

If you are anything like me you will realize how important it is to have a goal in life. Everyone needs a goal. An aim or a path in life that can help us figure out things at hand. But people like me have to constantly force themselves to stick to one.

Sadly for some people, chaos has become the definition of life. They are so bad at following the goals that they don’t even give it a try. It is where vision comes into the picture. It helps us follow a goal, stick to a path and change the way we see things around us.

Rome was not built in a day. You cannot master it easily. You must find the relevant signs, follow the patterns and arrive at a judgment. That’s all it takes. Sounds easy, except it’s not 🙂

2. It helps you achieve excellence and perfection in life:

I don’t even remember how many times I have beat myself for not achieving perfection in whatever I do. We have so many ideas, so many ways of seeing things, and yet all we do is procrastinate. We find reasons to justify our laziness because we are too afraid to admit we aren’t perfectionists.

I guess we mess up a lot by just having a little knowledge about things. Now, we all know, a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing. We just try to have an idea about things and leave them halfway to pursue the others. The truth is we get bored so easily to have an easy time stick to one thing. Add the distorted idea of multitasking and you will get a master of none.

Vision helps us seek excellence and perfection in whatever we do. No matter how hard, or complex it is, we end up gaining the upper hand. That is all we need to believe in a visionary approach than an aimless one. However, don’t take it too far or else it can be pretty ugly.

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3. It is one of the top qualities needed in the business world:

We need vision in every sphere of life. You might have heard this question frequently, “Where do you see yourself after five years?” “What do you plan to do?” This future outcome or possibility determines an individual’s ambition in life.

I believe business is one of the best practical fields. It is factual, conceptual, and relational all at the same time. Starting a business might be easy but maintaining it is a whole new thing. We master it through experience and expertise. However, the most relevant skill in the business environment is vision.

After all, it’s a vision that reflects the foundation of business in the first place. You might be a creative genius but if you don’t have a vision, nothing can establish your creative ideas. Oops… I think I gave a hint to our next section. Nevermind 🙂

So, here are the 3 reasons why vision is important and why need to harness it. Now, in the next section, we shall discuss the 5 inspiring ways how to turn your creativity into vision.

What are the ways to turn your creativity into a vision?

Finally, we are here. I know many of you might be waiting for this moment and, believe me, I am no exception to it. So, let’s get over the power of vision jargon and discuss how is it possible to turn your creativity into vision.

But, before getting into it, I would like to discuss something very important. You see for a long time I have tried to access my creative potential by engaging in many sorts of creative outlets. In other words, I can confidently say that I have become far more creative than I was a year ago. Also, I learned many new things on the way.

However, I was struggling with making it an asset to my business. Poor me, I was trying so hard, only to discover that I had no vision in the first place. That helped me change my ways 180 degrees to what I do now. I am more confident of my approach now and hope for steady success in the future.

“Vision is like a golden road we take to discover the best we can be. But it’s a lonely road. No one but you must walk. If you hope and believe, you reach your goal. You stop hoping and believing the path becomes a dead end.”

-A walking contradiction

Now, with everything expressed (and nothing repressed), here are 5 inspiring ways to turn your creativity into vision.

1. Understand why do you want to be creative:

I am telling you don’t repeat the same mistakes I did for a while. At some point, I knew that I was going all right with my creativity but all wrong with its application. Needless to say, I failed terribly with utter disappointment.

The reason? I didn’t know what to do with it. I never asked myself, “Why do you want to be creative? Why do you do what you do?” I was so deeply involved with ideas that I couldn’t find a way to justify them. Fortunately, I know now what I need to do with them.

Often, we don’t question our motivations behind doing something. The ones who do, achieve their goals rather easily. Hence, it is better to understand why do you want to be creative.

2. Know the consequences of your novel ideas:

We always make our decisions based on the pros and cons. Comparing many things, including our desires with reality, we find the best possible way to take action. Likewise, for every novel idea you come up with, you need to know the consequences first.

By consequences, I mean everything from ill effects to stakes. It doesn’t mean you have to always look out for bad things. But keep in mind that whatever you do today may affect your position in the future. I would say always be ready for the worst.

Ideas are better if they are new and exciting. The more offbeat, the better. However, it’s better to maintain the stability of their applications as much as possible.

3. Achieve the heights of creative potential:

This is one of the more important lessons to learn for anyone who, even with years of experience, acts like a rookie. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s just say some people don’t realize how stupid they sound when they say, “I am creative” when all they do is waste their time on things most people can do.

The heights of creative potential aren’t easy to achieve. It takes a lot of hard work and consistency to refine your creative skills. One thing that determines your creative potential is its relevance in the future. Hence, spontaneity is replaced by productivity.

Below I have shared a link that would redirect to an informative post about how to achieve your creative potential.

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4. Seek inspiration from your idols of creativity (WARNING: Not the phonies):

Take the statement in the brackets seriously because I have suffered a lot due to these fake creators. They aren’t creators but imposters who find ways to copy others’ creative works and present them as their own.

So, one of the best ways to turn your creativity into vision is by seeking inspiration from creative people out there. With our generation, we see these people around us in healthy populations. You can also seek them online. Just as I mentioned in the first section about the ADHD creator.

These are the people who have fought against all odds to establish themselves. We all know and respect them too much to ignore them. Find them and learn from them as much as possible. They know how to utilize creativity to reach their goals.

5. Lastly, never stop your efforts out of fear of failure:

I will be honest with you. Most people give up on their vision way before they should. The reason is simple, they don’t work hard enough. They aren’t passionate enough to overcome their fear of failure.

Ideas don’t have facts or evidence to support them. Nor do they have the preference of public opinions. Ideas are subjective, and so is creativity. Vision is similar to creativity. Except, it’s a lifelong dedication and effort.

We all know the fear of failure kills many dreams before any other obstacle. Overcome your fears, work hard and utilize your efforts to make your vision a reality. Never stop believing in your vision no matter what.

Final Words:

To sum up, vision is one of the most important things to have in life. Alongside creativity, it helps us to make the best out of our excellence and perfectionism. For instance, Walt Disney was a brilliant example of creativity infused with an impeccable vision.

The above 5 inspiring ways how to turn your creativity into vision beautifully encompass the things we need to live a better present with a brighter future.

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